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    Guild Wars 2 (GW2): Which Classes to play?

    Here is all the information you need to pick a profession to play in Guild Wars 2. This information is not only for the obvious new free-to-play players but also for those of you who have been playing Guild Wars 2 for quite some time. To better be able to choose a class, it is […]

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    3v3 Tier List

    Here is a 3v3 tier list which I have compiled keeping in mind the win rates, pick rates, and battle rates. The main categories are Assassin, Fighter, Mage, Marksman, Support and Tank. Assassin Following characters are included in the Assassin category. Akali, Ekko, Evelynn, Fizz, Kassadin, Katarina, Kha’Zix, LeBlanc, Master Yi, Nidalee, Nocturne, Rengar, Shaco, […]

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    Wizard101: How to Defeat Rasputin in Final Battle

    If you want to defeat Rasputin in final battle, the strategy is going to be very important, and the strategy that I’m going to use is very simple: I am going to choose a regular deck, a regular support deck to storm, and a treasure card deck which has a lot of heals in it. […]

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    Wizard101: How To Farm Evil Magma Peas

    To farm evil magma peas, we have to set up a garden first, and I am going to tell you how to set a garden that will fit as many evil magma peas you want to plant in one little area. I’m also going to tell you how to farm firm, and where to get […]

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    Wizard101: Ways To Earn Crowns

    Here are four different ways to earn crowns in wizard 101. All these four methods are easy and legal, and most importantly fast. Watching Videos The first way to earn crowns is by watching videos, and I don’t mean YouTube videos. You need to go into your Advanced Settings, and there you can turn on […]

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    Neverwinter: Warlock Guide

    Instead of focusing on the devoted cleric class, I will be focusing on scourge warlock class that has been released with the dragon of tyranny update. So, I will be showing you basics of this version of the game. I’ll do the full walkthrough of the entire class. Armor You get the same armor as […]

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    Black Desert Online: Witch Guide

    There is a lot to say about the witch and the wizard class, but for your convenience, I’ll try to keep this tutorial short, and that is why I will start directly with important points which are the priority skews for easy leveling, PVP skews, and group support. Starting first with the priority skews for […]

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    7 Days to Die: Navezgane Map

    Maps are really important in games of almost all genres especially the survival games, and if you don’t know your way, you are dead. Navezgane County Arizona is a location in 7 Days to Die and covers the area of 16 KM Square. If you try to explore the map on your own, it will […]

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    ShadowVerse Deck: Tier List

    Everything is almost stable now in the Shadowverse game because the storm that was created due to the introduction of Darkness Evolved cards is just passed. New strategies are introduced because of these cards as well as new experiments are made. Finally, based on the deck ratings and the strengths and weaknesses of characters, we […]

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    War Thunder Tanks: Tip & Tricks Guide

    War Thunder truly captures the essence of World War 1, and to enjoy this brilliant masterpiece, you will have to make some struggle learning tactics because without these you will be turned into ashes within minutes. Have you ever witnessed your tank exploding in the War Thunder? If yes, fear no more because in this article […]