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Ash’s Shardbound: Tier List

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Shardbound is a valuable techniques sport presently in development by Spiritwalk Games. While you perform, you’ll gather countless models and develop armies to participate mind-to-head with additional people in fits of cleverness and ability. Use placement, the landscape, as well as your units’ distinctive capabilities to attain success.
• Situations with numerous problems that provide you conclusion bonuses if finished. When you complete them, the Shard box may start, providing you with a mix of Chroma (currency of the overall game) and Containers. In average it ought to be near to 3-4 per Container.
• In the Shards, you’ll encounter both People and Robots. You are able to prevent robots entirely utilizing the Choices menu (it is in Gameplay). There’s a “hidden” matchmaking score (like ELO in chess) therefore theoretically you’ll encounter people with comparable rate and abilities. The capture with this specific ELO-centered program is the fact that if you should be a beginner, your score ought to be fairly much like somebody who has A 40% win rate. Playing against somebody with 100+ activities like a beginner with this type of win rate will be an uphill fight simply because they have significantly more expertise.
• Browse The Shard terms and utilize them. It employs exactly the same colored conference (good!) as card scarcity (Green-Blue-Crimson-Orange, Green may be simple and easy and Orange may be challenging and big.). Browsing the conditions may make it simpler.
• Participant etiquette: if you should be within an already lost fight, DO NOT submit when there is a worked reward condition or another comparable shared situation.
• The less skilled you’re, the less appealing surrender becomes. Understanding and totally failing may be the cost of being a greater participant, especially in proper or tactical activities.

Here is the complete tier list for Ash’s Shardbound

Red Tier Purple Tier
Creation Specialist S Exsanguinate S
Scrap S Plague Spore S
Raptor Class Mech S Soul Bounty S
Hound Class Mech S Flesh Offering S
Efficiency Expert S Grave Lotus S
Gravwell Exosuit S Corpse Explosion A+
Personal Portal Device S Prestari Cultist A+
Outlaw Class Mech S Grim Inspiration A+
Strike Pack A+ Dark Traveler A+
Zieger-1 A+ Narciso, Sarcone Assassin A+
Upgrade Depot A+ Night Horror A+
Overdrive A+ Devious Socialite A+
Repair Foreman A+ Flesh Pile A+
Armory Gunner A Corpse Wagon A+
Reloading Exosuit A Dark Practioner A+
Storm Class Mech A Cannibal A
Summon Nanobots A Perfected Specimen A
Defense Matrix A Bloodguard A
Targeting Frame A Bone Eater A-
Insured Mech A- Soultaker A-
Salvage Parts A- Swarm Spore A-
Wrenchman A- Cytoplast A-
Plating Specialist A- Progenitor A-
Blockade Forger A-
Medframe Tech A-
Orange Tier Yellow Tier
Ascension S+ Roar: Strength S+
Reckoning S Rites Reader S+
Skyborne Crusader S To Me! S
Bless The Meek S Ghost Primal S
Radiant Lance S Winged Primal S
Evangelist A+ Feral Rush A+
High Luminator Cerys A+ Wolf Primal A+
Holy Armory A+ Strict Packmaster A+
Harbinger A+ Moya Primal A+
Lightspear Justicar A+ Swift Strike A+
Path’s Favor A+ Tribe Warrior A+
Zealot A Pack Mentality A+
Become Dust A Idol Of Kinship A+
Summon Blades A Growler Primal A+
Chaotic Surge A Idol Of Eternity A+
Ardent Inquisitor A Alpha Packmaster A
Absolver A Pack Lord A
Shining Disciple A Roar: Earburst A
Echo of Light A Visefang Primal A
Radiant Scion A Ancient Caller A
Force Blast A Menagerie A
Luminator Initiate A Eagle Primal A-
Burn The Wings A-
Green Tier Blue Tier
Tempest Hound S+ Baffling Presence S
Tiny Island Fenya S+ Distorter S
Lokri Nightshade S+ Astral Champion S
Cultivator S Stellar Replicas S
Vein Waker S Alternate Reality A+
Canal S Accelerator Pyion A+
Strip Mine S Temporal Drifter A+
Disciple of Almast A+ Rebounder A+
The Lifespark A+ Fork Existence A+
Voice of the Squall A+ Warp Specialist A+
Lifespring Seedling A+ Slow Reflexes A+
Rock Crusher A+ Spark of Genius A+
Groveguard A Mind Melter A+
Zephyr Monk A Prism Dancer A+
Seedsinger A Brave Scryer A
Plainsguard A Timesmith A
Stonecall Seedling A Warpgate A
Tunnel Hellion A Gravity Surge A
Rampaging Boulder A Not Your Time A
Release The Crags! A Rift Trickster A
Kindle A Chronoslap A
Kovashi Highguard A Fate Linker A
Snapdragon Cadet A- Quantum Turnkey A-
Temporal Technician A-
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