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    Town of Salem: How to Win as Transporter

    The transporter can switch two people in the town, and the best thing about this role is that it cannot be roleblocked. The transporter role is a self-sustaining role because you can transport yourself with someone else and you can prevent yourself from dying. This is good in different ways: the first one is that […]

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    Town Of Salem: Guide to Play as Mayor

    The mayor is a town support role. It’s not a town protective role or anything like that. Mayor is also a special role because amnesiacs cannot choose this role when selecting. When you reveal you are a mayor, you have the ability to give a potential vote and this means you can give three votes. […]

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    Gang Beasts: Controls

    Here is how you can use the controls in the Gang Beasts. In order to move, you have to push the left joystick to move. For jumping, you have to tap the following button. For left and right punches, you need to press the following buttons. For left and right grab, you have to press […]

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    Town Of Salem: Tips to Play as Jailor

    Jailer is a town killing role, and here is how this role works. Choosing a Target Jailor chooses a target during the course of the day, the person whom they want to jail next night, and this can be done by clicking on the yellow sun on the top of the page. Now, it’s very […]

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    Town Of Salem: Tips and Tricks for Blackmailer Role

    The blackmailer is a mafia role and he is not immune, and his ability is to silence people so that they won’t be able to speak next day. He can do this by blackmailing people. This role is also very influential in a way because in Town of Salem if you want to do something, […]

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    Crash Fever: Tier List

    All the characters in this Tier List are categorized into four units – Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow – and then each unit is further divided into five tiers – SS, S, A, B, and C. The characters included in SS are strongest of all, the characters in S are strong enough, and lastly the […]

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    Animal Jam Codes – All Working

    If you want to enjoy Animal Jam to the fullest, then the promo codes are a necessity. The codes keep on changing, and new ones appear every week. In a similar manner, codes that are too old expire after some time. The form of currency used in the game is gems. You can earn gems […]

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    7 Days to Die: Console Commands

    The first thing I would recommend is to be careful when playing with console commands. It is a tool used for game development and one wrong step can crash your game. On the other hand, these console commands can also be used for different functional things, such as altering game settings, spawning items and controlling […]

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    Town Of Salem: Tips & Tricks for the Serial Killer

    It is obvious that the role of a serial killer is to kill, but sometimes it’s not that simple because you can’t kill somebody who is immune, and sometimes you get lynched. These two are very big problems for the serial killer. It is also possible that sometimes you will come across a veteran who […]

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    Town Of Salem: Tips to Play as Bodyguard

    Bodyguard is a town protective role, and at night a bodyguard can choose to guard another player of the town. If somebody tries to attack the person whom the bodyguard is guarding, both the killer and the bodyguard will die, and the person who is being protected will remain alive. A bodyguard has one vest […]