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Starbound: Item Id’s

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Starbound is an extremely interesting game with lots of places to explore and lots of items to discover. However, if you keep on exploring, it will take you months to find every hidden thing. But, as always, there is a shortcut for everything, so is the case with Starbound. If you are a true enthusiast of the game and can’t wait any longer to discover all items, then use these item id’s which will bring a whole new world of items before you, ranging from ice chunks to most deadly weapons. You can spawn multiple items, and all you need to do is type a proper code.

An important thing worth mentioning is that the list contains more than 2500 item id’s, which means 2500 hundred new items. Certainly, you can’t check them all in one day, but as you are checking, if you want to find something particular, use the Ctrl + F button to find a specific item id. Lastly, the descriptions of the entire item ids are also provided with them, so you won’t have to spend too much time to check all of these; once you read the description, you can skip those which you think aren’t useful to you, and stick to the useful ones.


Item Id’s Name
yellowstim  Yellow Stim Pack
yellowflashlight  Flashlight
yellowdye  Yellow Dye
yarnspinner  Yarn Spinner
xor  todo
writingoftextsCodex  Writing of Texts
wreckwiresceiling  Wrecked Hanging Wires
wreckvent  Wrecked Vent
wreckvendingmachine  Wrecked Vending Machine
wreckvat1  Wrecked Vat
wrecktv  Wrecked Screen
wreckturbines  Wrecked Turbines
wreckturbine2  Wrecked Turbine
wrecktable  Wrecked Table
wrecksupport  Wrecked Support
wrecksmalltable  Small Wrecked Table
wreckscreen  Wrecked Monitor
wreckplatform  Wrecked Platform
wreckpanel2  Small Wrecked Panel
wreckpanel1  Wrecked Panel
wrecklocker  Wrecked Locker
wreckgenerator  Wrecked Generator
wreckfan  Wrecked Fan
wreckdoor  Wrecked Door
wreckcrate1  Wrecked Crate
wreckconsole3  Wrecked Terminal
wreckconsole2  Wrecked Computer
wreckconsole1  Wrecked Console
wreckchair  Wrecked Chair
wreckboiler  Wrecked Boiler
wreckbed  Wrecked Bed
wormstatue  Stone Worm Statue
workoutlegs  Sweat Pants
workoutchest  Sweatshirt
woodtoilet  Wooden Toilet
woodtable  Wooden Table
woodsupport  Wooden Support
woodstool  Wooden Stool
woodpanelling  Wood Panelling
woodenwindow2  Wooden Blinds
woodenwindow1  Wooden Window
woodenwallfan  Wooden Wall Fan
woodentalllantern  Tall Wooden Torch
woodenstool  Glitch Stool
woodenstand2  Large Wooden Stand
woodenstand1  Wooden Stand
woodensink  Wooden Sink
woodenshelf  Wooden Shelf
woodenplatform  Wooden Platform
woodenlocker  Wooden Locker
woodenlamp3  Wooden Ceiling Lamp
woodenlamp2  Wooden Standing Lamp
woodenlamp1  Wooden Table Lamp
woodengate  Wooden Gate
woodenendtable  Wooden Endtable
woodendoor  Wooden Door
woodendesk  Wooden Desk
woodencrate2  Large Wooden Crate
woodencrate1  Wooden Crate
woodencraftingtable1  Wooden Crafting Table
woodencouch2  Large fluffy Couch
woodencouch1  Wooden Couch
woodencookingtable  Wooden Cooking Table
woodenchair  Wooden Chair
woodenceilingcabinet2  Suspended Cabinet
woodenceilingcabinet1  Suspended Cabinet
woodenceilingbookcase1  Suspended Bookshelf
woodencabinet3  Long Wooden Cabinet
woodencabinet2  Tall Wooden Cabinet
woodencabinet1  Large Wooden Cabinet
woodenbookcase  Wooden Bookcase
woodenbed2  Wooden Bed
woodenbed  Wooden Bed
woodenarmchair2  Soft Wooden Armchair
woodenarmchair1  Wooden Armchair
wooddoor  Wooden Door
woodchair  Wooden Chair
woodbridge  Wooden Bridge Block
wiretool  Wiring Tool
wire  Wire
wingedurn  Winged Urn
wineglass  Wine
winebottle  Wine
windchicken  Weathervane
wildwheatseed  Wheat Seed
wildwartweedseed  Wartweed Seed
wildtoxictopseed  Toxic Top Seed
wildtomatoseed  Tomato Seed
wildsugarcaneseed  sugarcane Seed
wildriceseed  Rice Seed
wildreefpodseed  Reefpod Seed
wildpussplumseed  Pussplum Seed
wildpotatoseed  Potato Seed
wildpineappleseed  Pineapple Seed
wildpearlpeaseed  Pearlpea Seed
wildoculemonseed  Oculemon Seed
wildneonmelonseed  Neon Melon Seed
wildkiwiseed  kiwi Seed
wildgrapesseed  Grape Seed
wildfeathercrownseed  Feathercrown Seed
wildeggshootseed  Eggshoot Seed
wilddirturchinseed  Dirturchin Seed
wilddiodiaseed  Diodia Seed
wildcurrentcornseed  Currentcorn Seed
wildcrystalplantseed  Crystal Plant Seed
wildcornseed  Corn Seed
wildcoralcreepseed  Coralcreep Seed
wildchiliseed  Chili Seed
wildcarrotseed  Carrot Seed
wildbonebooseed  Boneboo Seed
wildboltbulbseed  Boltbulb Seed
wildbeakseedseed  Beakseed Seed
wildbananaseed  Banana Seed
wildavesmingoseed  Avesmingo Seed
wildautomatoseed  Automato Seed
wickerbasket5  Large Wicker Basket
wickerbasket4  Handled Wicker Basket
wickerbasket3  Tall Wicker Basket
wickerbasket2  Wide Wicker Basket
wickerbasket1  Small Wicker Basket
wicker  Wicker
whiskeyflask  Whiskey Flask
whiskeybottle  Whiskey Bottle
wheelbarrow  Wheelbarrow
wheatseed  Wheat Seed
wheat  Wheat
wflowerpot  White Flower
weyene  Weyene
wetdirt  Wet Dirt
wellcover  Well Cover
watermachine  Water Cooler
wartwine  Wartwine
wartweedstew  Wartweed Stew
wartweedseed  Wartweed Seed
wartweed  Wartweed
wallshield  Glitch Shield Display
wallshackles  Wall Shackles
wallpipe  Wall Pipe
wallpaper  Classic Wallpaper
walllight  Long Electric Light
voxel5k  5k Voxel
voxel2k  2k Voxel
voxel1k  1k Voxel
voxel10k  10k Voxel
volcanopod  Dispensing Pod
Violiumbar  Violium Bar
violin  Violin
vine  Vine
villageprayerCodex  Avian Prayer
villagedoor  Glitch Village Door
vent  Air Vent
vendingmachine  Vending Machine
vegetablesoup  Veggie Soup
vaseclassicsmall2  Small Striped Vase
vaseclassicsmall1  Small Fancy Vase
vaseclassicmedium2  Classic Vase
vaseclassicmedium1  Fancy Vase
vaseclassiclarge2  Large Fancy Vase
vaseclassiclarge1  Large Striped Vase
uraniumrod  Uranium Rod
uraniumore  Uranium Ore
unicornplush  Unicorn Plushie
underwaterlightsmall  Small Waterproof Light
underwaterlight  Waterproof Light
tvstation  Streaming Station
turtleplush  Turtle Plushie
trumpet  Trumpet
trough  Trough
tropicalpunch  Tropical Punch
tribalwallcabinet  Avian Wall Cabinet
tribaltable  Avian Table
tribalserver  Avian Server
tribalplatform  Temple Platform
tribaloven2  Stout Avian Oven
triballamp  Avian Lamp
tribaldoor  Avian Door
tribalcounter1  Avian Counter
tribalcloset1  Avian Closet
tribalcabinet1  Avian Cabinet
tribalbookcase2  Small Avian Bookcase
tribalbookcase1  Large Avian Bookcase
tribalbed2  Avian Bed
treasuremap  Treasure Map
trashcan  Trash Can
trashbag  Trash Bag
trappedtombCodex  Trapped in a Tomb
transcript0293Codex  Transcript 0293
transcript0292Codex  Transcript 0292
toxicwastebarrel  Toxic Waste Barrel
toxictopseed  Toxic Top Seed
toxictop  Toxictop
toxictable  Toxic Table
toxiclamp2  Toxic Lamp
toxiclamp1  Toxic Lamp
toxicchest  Toxic Chest
toxicchair  Toxic Chair
townsillyCodex  Silly Miniknog
townrhymeCodex  Child’s Rhyme
townresistanceCodex  La Resistance
townproblemsCodex  Miniknog Problems
townposterCodex  An Apex Poster
townpleasantCodex  Pleasant Town
townminutesCodex  Meeting Minutes
townheadlineCodex  Apex Headline
townfriendsCodex  Friends to the End
townfolkCodex  Folk Tale
towncaseapexCodex  Steel Casebook: Apex
townbigapeCodex  Big Ape
townadvertCodex  Apex Advert
towerresults  Results of Ascension
towerbeverage  Tasty Beverage
towerascendant10Codex  Ascendant’s Tale
towerascendant09Codex  Ascendant’s Tale
towerascendant08Codex  Ascendant’s Tale
towerascendant07Codex  Ascendant’s Tale
towerascendant06Codex  Ascendant’s Tale
towerascendant05Codex  Ascendant’s Tale
towerascendant04Codex  Ascendant’s Tale
towerascendant03Codex  Ascendant’s Tale
towerascendant02Codex  Ascendant’s Tale
towerascendant01Codex  Ascendant’s Tale
torch  Torch
tombwordsCodex  Tomb Words
tombthing4  Lavish Avian Tomb
tombthing3  Open Avian Tomb
tombthing2  Engraved Avian Tomb
tombthing1  Avian Stone Tomb
tombstone9  Unstable Tombstone
tombstone8  Desecrated Tombstone
tombstone7  Grounded’s Tombstone
tombstone6  Priest’s Tombstone
tombstone5  Warrior’s Tombstone
tombstone4  Smashed Tombstone
tombstone3  Engraved Tombstone
tombstone2  Embossed Tombstone
tombstone11  Mass Tombstone
tombstone10  Eye Tombstone
tombstone1  Basic Tombstone
tombstatuebunny  Avian Bunny Statue
tombstatueavian  Avian Hero Statue
tombdiary05Codex  Tombkeeper’s Diary #5
tombdiary04Codex  Tombkeeper’s Diary #4
tombdiary03Codex  Tombkeeper’s Diary #3
tombdiary02Codex  Tombkeeper’s Diary #2
tombdiary01Codex  Tombkeeper’s Diary #1
tombbrick5  Smooth Tomb Brick
tombbrick4  Dark Tomb Brick
tombbrick3  Small Tomb Brick
tombbrick2  Unmarked Tomb Brick
tombbrick  Tomb Brick
tomatoseed  Tomato Seed
tomatojuice  Tomato Juice
tomato  Tomato
toffeeapple  Toffee Apple
toffee  Toffee
todolistCodex  Glitch To-Do List
toast  Toast
titaniumore  Titanium Ore
titaniumbow  Titanium Hunting Bow
titaniumbar  Titanium Bar
tis1  –todo–
timer  todo
tier9techchest  Tier 9 Tech Chest
tier9table  Rubium Table
tier9switch  Rubium Console
tier9light  Rubium Light
tier9door  Rubium Door
tier9chair  Rubium Chair
tier9bed  Rubium Bed
tier8techchest  Tier 8 Tech Chest
tier8table  Violium Table
tier8switch  Violium Console
tier8light  Violium Light
tier8door  Violium Door
tier8chair  Violium Chair
tier8bed  Violium Bed
tier7techchest  Tier 7 Tech Chest
tier7table  Cerulium Table
tier7switch  Cerulium Console
tier7light  Cerulium Light
tier7door  Cerulium Door
tier7chair  Cerulium Chair
tier7bed  Cerulium Bed
tier6techchest  Tier 6 Tech Chest
tier6table  Ferozium Table
tier6switch  Ferozium Console
tier6light  Ferozium Light
tier6door  Ferozium Door
tier6chair  Ferozium Chair
tier6bed  Ferozium Bed
tier5techchest  Tier 5 Tech Chest
tier5table  Aegisalt Table
tier5switch  Aegisalt Console
tier5light  Aegisalt Light
tier5door  Aegisalt Door
tier5chair  Aegisalt Chair
tier5bed  Aegisalt Bed
tier4techchest  Tier 4 Tech Chest
tier4table  Durasteel Table
tier4switch  Durasteel Console
tier4light  Durasteel Light
tier4engine  Starmap Upgrade MK4
tier4door  Durasteel Door
tier4chair  Durasteel Chair
tier4bed  Durasteel Bed
tier3techchest  Tier 3 Tech Chest
tier3table  Titanium Table
tier3switch  Titanium Console
tier3light  Titanium Light
tier3engine  Starmap Upgrade MK3
tier3door  Titanium Door
tier3chair  Titanium Chair
tier3bed  Titanium Bed
tier2techchest  Tier 2 Tech Chest
tier2table  Steel Table
tier2switch  Steel Lever
tier2light  Oil Lantern
tier2engine  Starmap Upgrade MK2
tier2door  Steel Door
tier2chair  Steel Chair
tier2bed  Steel Bed
tier1techchest  Tier 1 Tech Chest
tier1table  Tier 1 Table
tier1switch  Iron Lever
tier1light  Iron Lantern
tier1door  Iron Door
tier1chair  Iron Chair
tier1bed  Iron Bed
tier10techchest  Tier 10 Tech Chest
tier10table  Impervium Table
tier10switch  Impervium Console
tier10light  Impervium Light
tier10door  Impervium Door
tier10chair  Impervium Chair
tier10bed  Impervium Bed
throwingstar  Throwing Star.
throwingspear  Throwing Spear.
throwingneedle  Throwing Needle.
throwingkunai  Throwing Kunai.
throwingknife  Throwing Knife.
throwingdart  Throwing Dart.
throwingdagger  Throwing Dagger.
throwingboulder  Throwing Boulder.
throwingblock  Throwing Block
throwingaxe  Throwing Axe.
thorns4  Thorns
thorns3  Thorns
thorns2  Thorns
thorns1  Thorns
thinkingcap  Thinking Cap
thespecial  The Special
thefallCodex  Fall
thatch  Thatch
testsword  GoldSword
testlooseendsCodex  Loose Ends
testincarcerus11Codex  Incarcerus Notes
testincarcerus10Codex  Incarcerus Notes
testincarcerus09Codex  Incarcerus Notes
testincarcerus08Codex  Incarcerus Notes
testincarcerus07Codex  Incarcerus Notes
testincarcerus06Codex  Incarcerus Notes
testincarcerus05Codex  Incarcerus Notes
testincarcerus04Codex  Incarcerus Notes
testincarcerus03Codex  Incarcerus Notes
testincarcerus02Codex  Incarcerus Notes
testincarcerus01Codex  Incarcerus Notes
testapechantCodex  A Chant
test  test
teslaspike  Tesla Spike
tesla  Wireless Generator
tent2  Basic Tent
tent1  Basic Tent
templecoraleCodex  Peaceful Temple
temple4  Simple Temple Blocks
temple3  Small Temple Bricks
temple2  Temple Bricks
temple1  Temple Block
teleporter  Teleporter
techupgrade37  Rubium Tech Upgrade
techupgrade36  Violium Tech Upgrade
techupgrade35  Cerulium Tech Upgrade
techupgrade34  Ferozium Tech Upgrade
techupgrade33  Aegisalt Tech Upgrade
techupgrade32  Durasteel Tech Upgrade
techstation  Tech Station
techhull1  Reinforced Tech Block
techconsolehuman  Tech Console
techchest2  High-Tech Chest
techchest  High-Tech Chest
teapot1  Teapot
teacup1  Teacup
targetdummy  Target Dummy
targetblinktech  Targeted Blink
target  Target
tar  Tar
talljar2  Crude Pot
talljar1  Tall Pot
tallgrass4  Tall Grass
tallgrass3  Tall Grass
tallgrass2  Tall Grass
tallgrass1  Tall Grass
sweettime  Sweet Time
sweetmeat  Sweet Meat
sweetcorn  Sweet Corn
sweatervestlegs  Work Pants
sweatervestchest  Work Shirt
sushi  Sushi
superfishaxe  Fishaxe
sundecor  Decorative Sun
sunborncorpsesCodex  Sunborn Corpses
sulphur  Sulphur
sugarcaneseed  sugarcane Seed
sugar  Sugar
stuffeddirturchin  Stuffed Dirturchin
stuffedautomato  Stuffed Automato
stonetiles  Stone Tiles
stoneplatform  Stone Platform
stonepickaxe  Stone Pickaxe
stonehoe  Stone Hoe
stonefurnace  Stone Furnace
stoneaxe  Stone Axe
steelplatform  steel Platform
steeldrum  Steel Drum
steelchair  Steel Chair
steelbow  Steel Hunting Bow
steelbookcase  Large Steel Bookcase
steelbook04Codex  Steel Casebook 04
steelbook03Codex  Steel Casebook 03
steelbook02Codex  Steel Casebook 02
steelbook01Codex  Steel Casebook 01
steelbar  Steel Bar
statuspod  Status Pod
stamppamphletCodex  Stamped-on pamphlet
spicyfeathercrown  Spicy Feathercrown
speciesandgodsCodex  Species and Gods
spearrack  Avian Spear Rack
spawnerwizard  Wizard Spawner
spawnertools  Tool Spawner
spawnerstim  Stim Spawner
spawnerpirate  Pirate Spawner
spawnerhylotl  Hylotl Spawner
spawnerhuman  Human Spawner
spawnerguard  Guard Spawner
spawnerglitch  Glitch Spawner
spawnerfloran  Floran Spawner
spawnerdoctor  Doctor Spawner
spawnerchef  Chef Spawner
spawneravian  Avian Spawner
spawnerapex  Apex Spawner
spacesuitdemolegs  Spacesuit Pants
spacesuitdemohead  Space Helmet
spacesuitdemochest  Spacesuit Chest
spacesuitdemoback  Spacesuit Backpack
soylentgreen  Soylent Green
soup  Tomato Soup
soldier2alegs  Soldier’s Leg Armour
soldier2ahead  Soldier’s Helmet
soldier2achest  Soldier’s Chestpiece
solariumrod  Solarium Rod
solariumore  Solarium Ore
soggysack  Soggy Sack
softdrinksign  Soft Drink Sign
soda  Soda
snowman  Snowman
snowglobe2  Penguin Snowglobe
snowglobe1  Snowman Snowglobe
snowdrift4  Snowdrift
snowdrift3  Snowdrift
snowdrift2  Snowdrift
snowdrift1  Snowdrift
snowball  snowball
snow  Snow
smoothstonematerial  Smooth Stone Block
smoothmetal  Smooth Metal
smoothconcrete  Smooth Concrete
smashcrystal  Smashable Crystal
smashbones4  Bone Pile
smashbones3  Bone Pile
smashbones2  Bone Pile
smashbones1  Bone Pile
smashabledrink5  Empty Vodka Bottle
smashabledrink4  Empty Liqueur Bottle
smashabledrink3  Empty Gin Bottle
smashabledrink2  Empty Whiskey Bottle
smashabledrink1  Empty Wine Bottle
smash  Smash
smallwoodencrate  Small Wooden Crate
smalllamppost  Tiny Lamppost
smalljar1  Small Pot
smallhouse3  Tiny House
smallhouse2  Tiny House
smallhouse1  Tiny House
smallboosterflame  Booster Flame
slush  Slush
slime  Slime Block
slidingdoor  Sliding Door
sleepingbag  Sleeping Bag
slapfish  Fish slap.
silverpickaxe  Silver Pickaxe
silverore  Silver Ore
silverdrill  Silver Drill
silverblock  Silver Block
silverbar  Silver Bar
signweaponshop  Weapon Shop Sign
signproduce  Produce Shop Sign
signlibrary  Library Sign
signinn  Inn Sign
signforge  Forge Sign
signarmorshop  Armour Shop Sign
shuriken  Shuriken
shroomtable  Shroom Table
shroomlamp  Shroom Lamp
shroomdoor  Shroom Door
shroomchest  Shroom Chest
shroomchair  Shroom Chair
shroomblock  Mushroom Block
shroombed  Shroom Bed
shroom  Mushroom
shopline  Checkout Sign
shojiscreenpanel  Shoji Screen Panel
shipwheel  Wooden Ship Wheel
shipseasickCodex  Seasick
shippowercrystalsCodex  Power Crystals
shippingcontainer  Shipping Container
shipmechanic06Codex  Mechanic’s Journal
shipmechanic05Codex  Mechanic’s Journal
shipmechanic04Codex  Mechanic’s Journal
shipmechanic03Codex  Mechanic’s Journal
shipmechanic02Codex  Mechanic’s Journal
shipmechanic01Codex  Mechanic’s Journal
shipmaldiaryCodex  Wrenolds’ Diary
shiplocker  Ship locker
shiplight  Ship Light
shipironavianCodex  Iron Avian
shipheroCodex  Hero’s Journal
shipfightflightCodex  Fight or Flight
shipairshantyCodex  Air Shanty
sewerwallgrate  Sewer Wall Grate
sewervalve  Sewer Valve
sewertank  Sewer Tank
sewerstrangeCodex  Strange Encounter
sewerseveringCodex  Severing
sewerpometheusCodex  Po-metheus
sewerpoCodex  Po
sewerpipevertical  Vertical Sewer Pipe
sewerpipehorizontal  Horizontal Sewer Pipe
sewermecharachnidCodex  Mecharachnid
sewerlonelyCodex  Loneliness
sewerlamentCodex  Lament
sewergrowflyCodex  Growfly
sewergear  Gear
sewergauge  Sewer Gauge
sewerflooddoor  Sewer Flood Door
sewerferryingCodex  Ferrying
sewerdayoutCodex  Nice Day Out
sewerconstructfreeCodex  Constructed Free
sewerbattlegroundCodex  Battleground
sewagebarrel  Sewage Barrel
sewage  Sewage Block
sectorunlock  Thing
screenplanet  Planet Monitor
screen5  Brain Activity Screen
screen4  Glyph Screen
screen3  Star Map Screen
screen2  Medical Screen
screen1  Data Screen
scalpion6  Laser Scalpion
scalpion5  Stinging Scalpion
scalpion4  Dark Scalpion
scalpion3  Earth Scalpion
scalpion2  Flame Scalpion
scalpion1  Steel Scalpion
saxophone  Saxophone
sawblade  Sawblade Trap
savannahgroundspike4  Sharp spikes.
savannahgroundspike3  Sharp spikes.
savannahgroundspike2  Sharp spikes.
savannahgroundspike1  Sharp spikes.
savannahceilingspike4  Sharp spikes.
savannahceilingspike3  Sharp spikes.
savannahceilingspike2  Sharp spikes.
savannahceilingspike1  Sharp spikes.
sarcohumanalive  Human Sarcophagus
sarcohuman  Human Sarcophagus
sarcobunny  Bunny Sarcophagus
sarcoavian2  Grand Avian Sarcophagus
sarcoavian1  Avian Sarcophagus
sandstonetorch  Sandstone Torch
sandstonetable  Sandstone Table
sandstonestatuehylotl  Hylotl Sandstone Statue
sandstonestatuehuman  Human Sandstone Statue
sandstonestatueglitch  Glitch Sandstone Statue
sandstonestatuefloran  Floran Sandstone Statue
sandstonestatueavian  Asvian Sandstone Statue
sandstonestatueapex  Apex Sandstone Statue
sandstonematerial  Sandstone Block
sandstonedoor  Sandstone Door
sandstonechest  Sandstone Chest
sandstonechair  Sandstone Chair
sandstoneblock  Sandstone Bricks
sandstonebed  Sandstone Bed
sand2  Sand
sand  Fine Sand
saltsalad  Saltsalad
salesign  Sale Sign
sacrificialaltar  Sacrificial Altar
rustymetal  Rusty Metal
rustyblock  Rusty Block
rusttable  Rust Table
rusticoven  Rustic Oven
rustdoor  Rust Door
rustchest  Ice Chest
rustchair  Rusty Chair
rustbush4  Rust Bush
rustbush3  Rust Bush
rustbush2  Rust Bush
rustbush1  Rust Bush
rustbed  Rust Bed
runbomb  The Sprinter
rudeawakeningCodex  Rude Awakening
Rubiumore  Rubium Ore
Rubiumbar  Rubium Bar
royaltoilet  Royal Toilet
royalthrone  Royal Throne
royaldesk  Royal Desk
royalchest  Royal Chest
royalchalice  Royal Chalice
royalcandles  Royal Candles
royalcabinet  Royal Cabinet
royalbookcase  Royal Bookcase
royalbed  Glitch Royal Bed
rottenapple  Rotten Apple
rope  Rope
rooftiles  Roof Tiles
rockorgan  Rock Organ
rocketjump  Rocket Jump
rockbrickmaterial  Rock Bricks
robotlegs  Robot Legs
roboticcraftingtable  Robotic Crafting Table
robothead  Robot Head
robotchest  Robot Chest
robotarms  Robot Arms
robot  Inactive Robot
roastdinner  Roast Dinner
roastbanana  Roast Banana
ricewine  Rice Wine
riceseed  Rice Seed
ricepudding  Rice Pudding
ricecake  Ricecake
rice  Rice
revoltingstew  Revolting Stew
refinery  Refinery
reefshake  Reefshake
reefpodsurprise  Reefpod Surprise
reefpodseed  Reefpod Seed
reefpod  Reefpod
reefjuice  Reefjuice
reedorgan  Reed Organ
redtoyblock  Red Toy Block
redstim  Red Stim Pack
redflask  Red Flask
redflashlight  Flashlight
reddye  Red Dye
reddangersign  Red Danger Sign
redapple  Red Apple
redalert  Warning Light
recreationalvehicle  Recreational Vehicle
rawtentacle  Alien Tentacle
rawribmeat  Alien Rib Meat
rawpoultry  Raw Poultry
rawham  Alien Ham
rawfleshlump  Flesh Lump
rawfish  Raw Fish
rawbacon  Alien Bacon
randomfountain  Random Fountain
randblinktech  Random Blink
rainbowwoodblock  Rainbow Wood Planks
rainbowwood  Rainbow Wood
rainbowunicornstatue  Rainbow Unicorn Statue
rainbowtable  Rainbow Table
rainbowpainting  Rainbow Painting
rainbowdoor  Rainbow Door
rainbowchest  Rainbow Chest
rainbowchair  Rainbow Chair
rainbowbed  Rainbow Bed
pussplumseed  Pussplum Seed
pussplumpie  Pussplum Pie
pussplum  Pussplum
purplecrystalmaterial  Crystal Block
propeller  Propeller
progenitorsCodex  Progenitors
processor  Processor
prisonturbine  Small Turbine
prisontorturebed2  Torture Bed
prisontorturebed1  Upright Torture Bed
prisontoilet  Dirty Toilet
prisontable  Cafeteria Table
prisonstonesign  USCM Penal Colony Sign
prisonsign2  Mess Hall Sign
prisonsign1  Cell Block Sign
prisonshowerdripping  Dripping Prison Shower
prisonshower  Prison Shower
prisonsecuritycamera  Security Camera
prisonradiator  Old Radiator
prisonpipefence  Pipe Fence
prisonpaper3  Event Memo
prisonpaper2  USCM Torn Memo
prisonpaper1  Inmate Notice
prisonpanel  USCM Penal Colony Panel
prisonmirror2  Small Broken Mirror
prisonmirror1  Large Broken Mirror
prisonmattress  Dirty Mattress
prisonlocker2  Tall Prison Locker
prisonlocker1  Small Prison Locker
prisongratev  Vertical Metal Grates
prisongrateh  Horizonal Metal Grates
prisongraffiti7  Graffiti
prisongraffiti6  Graffiti
prisongraffiti5  Graffiti
prisongraffiti4  Graffiti
prisongraffiti3  Graffiti.
prisongraffiti2  ‘No Escape’ Graffiti
prisongraffiti1  ‘Waz’ Graffiti
prisongirderv  Vertical Rusted Girder
prisongirderh  Horizontal Rusted Girder
prisonghostsCodex  Ghosts
prisonforcecell  Force Cell
prisonfloodlight  Small Floodlight
prisonfile2  Wide Rusty Filing Cabinet
prisonfile1  Rusty Filing Cabinet
prisonfence2  Short Chainlink Fence
prisonfence1  Tall Chainlink Fence
prisonexitsign  Exit Sign
prisondoor  Barred Door
prisoncorner  Decorative Support Beam
prisoncontrolpanel  Prison Control Panel
prisoncasebook11Codex  Prisoners
prisoncasebook10Codex  Prisoners
prisoncasebook09Codex  Prisoners
prisoncasebook08Codex  Prisoners
prisoncasebook07Codex  Prisoners
prisoncasebook06Codex  Prisoners
prisoncasebook05Codex  Prisoners
prisoncasebook04Codex  Prisoners
prisoncasebook03Codex  Prisoners
prisoncasebook02Codex  Prisoners
prisoncasebook01Codex  Prisoners
prisoncamerastation  Security Camera Station
prisoncabinet1  Broken Supply Cabinet
prisonbench  Prison Bench
prisonbed  Chained Prison Bed
prisonbars  Prison Bars
prisonbarrelfire  Barrel Fire
prisonarch  Gothic Arch
pressurizedsteel  Pressurised Steel
pressurizedplatform  Pressurised Platform
pressurizedgirder  Pressurised Girder
pressurizedbeam  Pressurised Beam
pressuredoor  Pressurized Door
pozest  Pozest
potatoseed  Potato Seed
potato  Potato
porthole  Porthole
portable3dprinter  Portable Pixel Printer
poptopplush  Poptop Plushie
poop  Poop
polymer  Space Age Polymer
poisonsign  Poison Sign
poachedavesmingo  Poached Avesmingo
plutoniumrod  Plutonium Rod
plutoniumore  Plutonium Ore
platinumpickaxe  Platinum Pickaxe
platinumore  Platinum Ore
platinumdrill  Platinum Drill
platinumblock  Platinum Block
platinumbar  Platinum Bar
platform2  Wood Platform
platform  Wood Platform
platematerial  Smooth Plated Block
plasmagrenade  Plasma Grenade
plasmadisc  Plasma Disc
plantvolcano5  Volcanic Plant
plantvolcano4  Volcanic Plant
plantvolcano3  Volcanic Plant
plantvolcano2  Volcanic Plant
plantvolcano1  Volcanic Plant
plantvinetable  A Table
planturn3  An Urn
planturn2  An Urn
planturn1  An Urn
planttorturedevice  Torture Device
planttorch  planttorch
plantshelf  A Shelf
plantrack  Torture Rack
plantplatform2  Wooden Platform
plantplatform1  Wooden Platform
plantplatform  Mossy Platform
plantpanel  Plant Control Panel
plantorb  Glowing Orb
plantmatter  plantmatterstone
plantlog  A Log
plantgeyser2  Geyser
plantgeyser1  Geyser
plantfibre  Plant Fibre
plantdrysapdispenser  Drysap Dispenser
plantdoor2  Door
plantdoor1  Door
plantdesklamp  Plant Desk Lamp
plantchair  Prison Chair
plantcage3  Prison Cage
plantcage2  Prison Cage
plantcage1  Prison Cage
plantcabinet2  Cabinet
plantcabinet1  Cabinet
plantbrokencage  Broken Cage
plantblock  plantblock
plantbiolight  plantbiolight
plantbed4  Floran Prison Bed
plantbed3  Floran Prison Bed
plantbed2  Floran Prison Bed
plantbed1  Floran Prison Bed
plainorbplush  Virorb Plushie
pizzaslice  Pizza Slice
pizzap  Pizzap
pizza  Pizza
pixelcompressor  Pixel Compressor
pirateflag  todo
pipes5  Pipes
pipes4  Pipes
pipes3  Pipes
pipes2  Pipes
pipes1  Pipes
pioneerlegs  Pioneer Leg Armour
pioneerchest  Pioneer Chestpiece
piodia  Piodia
pinkeyeparasite  Pink-Eye Parasite
pineappleseed  Pineapple Seed
pineapplejuice  Pineapple Juice
pineapple  Pineapple
pillar2  Stone Pillar
pillar1  Stone Pillar
pickaxe  Pickaxe
piano  Piano
phoenixemblem  Phoenix Emblem
petalyellow  Yellow Petal
petalred  Red Petal
petalblue  Blue Petal
persistenceofpixels  Persistence of Pixels
perfectlygenericitem  Perfectly Generic Item
pearlpeaseed  Pearlpea Seed
pearlpeaparcels  Pearlpea Parcels
pearlpeapancakes  Pearlpea Pancakes
pearlpea  Pearlpeas
peanutbutter  Peanut Butter Trap
pathfinderlegs  Pathfinder Leg Armour
pathfinderchest  Pathfinder Chestpiece
parachutepack  Parachute
paper  Paper
painttool  Paint Tool
paintingstarrynight  Abstract Painting
paintingshakespeare  Famous Poet Portrait
paintingmonalisa  Classic Painting
paintinggothic  Gothic Painting
paintingapespeare  Apex Poet Portrait
packeddirt  Packed Dirt
oxygentank  Oxygen Tank
owlclock  Owl Wall Clock
overdriveguitar  Overdrive Guitar
oven1  Basic Oven
outhouse  Outhouse
outcastscoraleCodex  Glitch Outcasts
outcastposterCodex  Outcast Poster
ornatewood  Ornate Wood
ornatewall  Ornate Wall
ornatetiles  Ornate Tiles
ornateroofing  Ornate Roofing
ornateflooring  Ornate Flooring
orange  Orange
or  todo
opensign  Open Sign
oillanterntall  Standing Oil Lamp
oillantern1  Oil Lantern
offal  Offal
oculemonstew  Oculemon Stew
oculemonseed  Oculemon Seed
oculemon  Oculemon
ocarina  Ocarina
obsidian  Obsidian
oboe  Oboe
nylonguitar  Nylon Guitar
nutsandbolts  Nuts n’ Bolts
numisign  Numi Sign
numiposter  Numi Poster
numiplush  Numi Plushie
notesfromthegroundCodex  Grounded Statement
notefrompilotCodex  Pilot’s Notes
not  todo
neonmelonseed  Neon Melon Seed
neonmelon  neonmelon
neonhylotlhead  Neon Hylotl Sign
neonblock  Neon Block
natureofsacrificeCodex  Sacrifice Notes
nanowrap  Nanowrap Bandage
nanostove  Nanostove
musicbox  Music Box
mushroomseed  Mushroom Seed
mud  Mud
mossypackeddirt  Packed Dirt
morphballTech  Morphball
moonstone  Moonstone
moonrock  Moonrock
moonemblem  Avian Moon Emblem
moondust  Moondust
monsterplating  Hardened Monster Plate
money  Pixels
moltencore  Molten Core
molotov  Molotov
molemerchant  Wooden Crafting Table
molemanposter  Moleman Poster
moderntable1  Modern Table
modernprayerCodex  Modern Prayer
modernplatform  Modern Platform
modernchair1  Modern Chair
mininglantern  Lantern
mindwurmplush  Mindwurm Plushie
milk  Milk
midjar1  Old Pot
microwave  Microwave
microscope  Microscope
microphone  Microphone
meteoriterock  Meteorite Rock
metalworkstation  Metalwork Station
metallicmaterial  Hi-tech Block
metallic  Metal Coated Wood
metalbarrel2  Radioactive Barrel
metalbarrel1  Metal Barrel
medkit  Medical Kit
mediummetal  Steel Block
medievalweaponrack  Glitch Weapon Rack
medievalwallshelf  Glitch Wall Shelf
medievaltorch  Glitch Torch
medievaltoilet  Glitch Toilet
medievaltable  Glitch Table
medievalsworddisplay  Sword Display
medievalswitchshackle  Wall Shackles
medievalswitchlever  Switch Lever
medievalswitchhidden  Hidden Switch
medievalstreetlamp  Medieval Street lamp
medievalstock  Glitch Stock
medievalspikes  Wooden Spikes
medievalshelf  Glitch Shelf
medievalscaffolding  Glitch Scaffolding
medievalregister  Cash Register
medievalpressureplate  Pressure Plate
medievalplate  Glitch Plate
medievalpedestal  Glitch Pedestal
medievalmap  Glitch Map
medievallargecookingpot  Large Glitch Cooking Pot
medievallamp  Medieval Lamp
medievalladder  Wooden Ladder
medievalglobe  Glitch Globe
medievalfurnace  Glitch Furnace
medievalflagpole  Glitch Flagpole
medievalfireplace  Glitch Fireplace
medievaldresser  Glitch Dresser
medievaldiningtable  Glitch Royal Table
medievaldesk  Glitch Desk
medievalcup  Glitch Cup
medievalcounter  Glitch Counter
medievalcodex  Glitch Codex
medievalclock  Glitch Wall Clock
medievalchest  Glitch Chest
medievalchandelier  Glitch Chandelier
medievalchair  Glitch Chair
medievalcellbed  Glitch Jail Bed
medievalcandle  Candle
medievalcabinet  Glitch Cabinet
medievalbucket  Glitch Bucket
medievalbowl  Glitch Bowl
medievalbookcaseswitch  Glitch Bookcase Switch
medievalbookcase  Glitch Bookcase
medievalbed  Glitch Bed
medievalaxedisplay  Axe Display
medievalarmorswitch  Glitch Display Armour
medievalarmorarmed  Glitch Display Armour
medievalarmor  Glitch Display Armour
medicdemolegs  Combat Medic Pants
medicdemohead  Combat Medic Helmet
medicdemochest  Combat Medic Chest
medicdemoback  Medic Backpack
meatwine  Meatwine
meatwich  Meatwich
meatchunks  Meat Chunks
meatballs  Meatballs
meatandmarrow  Meat n’ Marrow
matteritem  Matter Block
matterblock  Matter Block
mask7  Decorative Troll Mask
mask6  Decorative Priest Mask
mask5  Decorative Wiseman Mask
mask4  Decorative Bird Mask
mask3  Decorative Alien Mask
mask2  Decorative Skull Mask
mask1  Decorative Human Mask
mashedpotato  Mashed Potato
marketstall5  Large Empty Avian Stall
marketstall4  Small Avian Empty Stall
marketstall3  Avian Weapon Stall
marketstall2  Avian Clothes Stall
marketstall1  Avian Fruit Stall
marinesign  USCM Sign
magmarock  Magmarock
magmagroundspike3  Sharp spikes.
magmagroundspike2  Sharp spikes.
magmagroundspike1  Sharp spikes.
magmaceilingspike3  Sharp spikes.
magmaceilingspike2  Sharp spikes.
magmaceilingspike1  Sharp spikes.
lustymaidCodex  Aegisalt Ore
luckydip  Lucky Dip
loudspeaker  Loudspeakers
lollypop  Lollypop
locker2  Flat Locker
locker1  Tall Locker
lightmetal  Light Metal
lightbulb3  Lightbulb
lightbulb2  Lightbulb
lightbulb  Flickering Lightbulb
leather  Leather
leadguitar  Lead Guitar
lead  Lead
lavalamp1  Lava Lamp
lasladiary03Codex  Crimsonwing’s Diary
lasladiary02Codex  Crimsonwing’s Diary
lasladiary01Codex  Crimsonwing’s Diary
laserminer  Laser Mining Tool
laserdiode  Laser Diode
largewoodencrate  Large Wooden Crate
largecastledoor  Glitch Large Door
largebell  Large Bell
lamp  Golden Lamp
labnoteCodex  Note
labblog10Codex  Assistant’s Blog
labblog09Codex  Assistant’s Blog
labblog08Codex  Assistant’s Blog
labblog07Codex  Assistant’s Blog
labblog06Codex  Assistant’s Blog
labblog05Codex  Assistant’s Blog
labblog04Codex  Assistant’s Blog
labblog03Codex  Assistant’s Blog
labblog02Codex  Assistant’s Blog
labblog01Codex  Assistant’s Blog
labannoyanceCodex  A Ludicrous Annoyance
koto  Koto
kluexdelusion05Codex  Kluex Delusion #5
kluexdelusion04Codex  Kluex Delusion #4
kluexdelusion03Codex  Kluex Delusion #3
kluexdelusion02Codex  Kluex Delusion #2
kluexdelusion01Codex  Kluex Delusion #1
kluexcommandsCodex  Kluex’s Commandments
kiwiseed  kiwi Seed
kiwijuice  Kiwi Juice
kiwi  Kiwi
kitchentools  Kitchen Tools
junktech  Junk Tech
junglebush9  Colourful Bush
junglebush8  Colourful Bush
junglebush7  Colourful Bush
junglebush6  Colourful Bush
junglebush5  Colourful Bush
junglebush4  Colourful Bush
junglebush3  Colourful Bush
junglebush2  Colourful Bush
junglebush18  Colourful Bush
junglebush17  Colourful Bush
junglebush16  Colourful Bush
junglebush15  Colourful Bush
junglebush14  Colourful Bush
junglebush13  Colourful Bush
junglebush12  Colourful Bush
junglebush11  Colourful Bush
junglebush10  Colourful Bush
junglebush1  Colourful Bush
jumpbomb  The Bouncer
jukebox  Jon Afro Jukebox
juicekeg  Juice Keg
jetpackTech  Gravity Bubble
jemguitar  KingV Guitar
javelin  Javelin
irontoilet  iron Toilet
ironthrone  Iron Throne
irontable  Iron Table
ironswitch  Iron Console
ironore  Iron Ore
ironlight  Iron Light
irondoor  Iron Door
ironbow  Iron Hunting Bow
ironblock  Iron Block
ironbed  Iron Bed
ironbeacon  Distress Beacon
ironbar  Iron Bar
ironarmoravianlegs  ironarmoravian
ironarmoravianhead  ironarmoravian
ironarmoravianchest  ironarmoravian
ironarmoravianback  ironarmoravian
ironanvil  Iron Anvil
invisiblelight  Ship Light
inferiorbrain  Inferior Brain
individualscoraleCodex  Glitch Individuals
imperviumbar  Impervium Bar
idolsupport  Carved Support Beam
icetable  Ice Table
icestalagtite4  Sharp spikes.
icestalagtite3  Sharp spikes.
icestalagtite2  Sharp spikes.
icestalagtite1  Sharp spikes.
icestalagmite4  Sharp spikes.
icestalagmite3  Sharp spikes.
icestalagmite2  Sharp spikes.
icestalagmite1  Sharp spikes.
icespherechest  Ice Sphere Chest
icesphere4  Ice Sphere
icesphere3  Ice Sphere
icesphere2  Ice Sphere
icesphere1  Ice Sphere
iceshard5  Chunk of Ice
iceshard4  Chunk of Ice
iceshard3  Chunk of Ice
iceshard2  Chunk of Ice
iceshard1  Chunk of Ice
icemachine  Ice Machine
icedoor  Ice Door
icecrystal  Ice Crystal
icecream  Vanilla Ice Cream
icechucker  Ice Chucker
icechest  Ice Chest
icechair  Ice Chair
iceblock  Ice Block
icebed  Ice Bed
ice  Ice
hylotlwaterfeature1  Hylotl Water Feature
hylotlwarningposter  Hylotl Warning Poster
hylotlwallshelf  Hylotl Wall Shelf
hylotltrashcan  Trash Can
hylotltier9spear  Seaserpent
hylotltier9shortsword  Small White
hylotltier9hammer  Crabcracker
hylotltier9dagger  Stinger
hylotltier9broadsword  Great White
hylotltier9axe  The Anchorer
hylotltier8spear  Trident
hylotltier8shortsword  Cutless
hylotltier8hammer  Cucumber Prime
hylotltier8dagger  Shellslicer
hylotltier8broadsword  Cutlass
hylotltier8axe  The Propeller
hylotltier7spear  Whalekiller
hylotltier7shortsword  Codslicer
hylotltier7hammer  Sea Cucumber
hylotltier7dagger  Seaguard Dagger
hylotltier7broadsword  Sharkslicer
hylotltier7axe  Fishing Hook
hylotltier6spear  Whaleailer
hylotltier6shortsword  Skittlefish
hylotltier6hammer  Wilson
hylotltier6dagger  Detailer
hylotltier6broadsword  Scuttlefish
hylotltier6axe  Coralchipper
hylotltier5spear  Whaletroubler
hylotltier5shortsword  Lilyblade Lite
hylotltier5hammer  The Pufferfish
hylotltier5dagger  Descaler
hylotltier5broadsword  Lilyblade
hylotltier5axe  Doublefin
hylotltier4spear  Sandstirrer
hylotltier4shortsword  Cabin Boy
hylotltier4hammer  Fishfighter
hylotltier4dagger  Oysteriser
hylotltier4broadsword  First Mate
hylotltier4axe  Gillcutter
hylotltier3spear  Sandraker
hylotltier3shortsword  Kittfish
hylotltier3hammer  Shellslammer
hylotltier3dagger  Goldfish
hylotltier3broadsword  Katfish
hylotltier3axe  Finhacker
hylotltier2spear  Seaslice
hylotltier2shortsword  Swishbuckler Lite
hylotltier2hammer  Coralcrusher
hylotltier2dagger  Fishfang
hylotltier2broadsword  Swishbuckler
hylotltier2axe  Golden Scythe
hylotltier1spear  Seastaff
hylotltier1shortsword  Swashbuckler Lite
hylotltier1hammer  Rockstriker
hylotltier1dagger  Littletooth
hylotltier1broadsword  Swashbuckler
hylotltier1axe  Scythe
hylotltier10spear  The Pitchfork
hylotltier10shortsword  Stemcutter
hylotltier10hammer  Plantpounder
hylotltier10dagger  Rootcutter
hylotltier10broadsword  Trunkcutter
hylotltier10axe  Vinehacker
hylotltable  Hylotl Table
hylotlsymbolg  A metal lily pad with a bright
green emblem.
hylotlsymbolb  Blue Neon Symbol
hylotlswitch  Standard Lever
hylotlsupportbeam  Hylotl Support Beam
hylotlstyleposter  Hylotl Clothing Ad
hylotlstoreshelf  Hylotl Store Shelf
hylotlstarter  Broken Wave Sword
hylotlsign3o  Orange Neon Collector Sign
hylotlsign3g  Green Neon Pod Sign
hylotlsign3b  Small ocean creatures swim within
this sign.
hylotlsign2o  Orange Neon Sign
hylotlsign2g  Looks like it says ‘RIBBIT’…
hylotlsign2b  Blue Neon Sign
hylotlsign1o  Orange Apex Sign
hylotlsign1g  Green Lily Pad Sign
hylotlsign1b  Blue Shell Sign
hylotlshorttable  Traditional Short Table
hylotlshopsign  Friendly Hylotl Sign
hylotlshojiscreen  Traditional Shoji Screen
hylotlshojidoor  Traditional Shoji Door
hylotlshiplocker  Shiplocker
hylotlprologueCodex  Hylotl Prologue
hylotlprizecounter  Arcade Prize Counter
hylotlpost  Traditional Wooden Post
hylotlpainting2  Traditional Mountain Painting
hylotlpainting1  Traditional Wave Painting
hylotloriginsCodex  Hylotl Origins
hylotlmovieposter3  Romantic Movie Poster
hylotlmovieposter2  Warrior Movie Poster
hylotlmovieposter1  Action Movie Poster
hylotlmailbox  Mailbox
hylotllilypad  Metal Lily Pad
hylotllilydeco3  Big Lily Pad
hylotllilydeco2  Tiny Lily Pads
hylotllilydeco1  Little Lily Pad
hylotllilyclock  Lily Pad Clock
hylotllantern1  Traditional Paper Lantern
hylotllamp  Bio-Lamp
hylotlfuelhatch  Fuel Hatch
hylotlfloorornament  Floor Ornament
hylotlfashionhologram  Hylotl Fashion Hologram
hylotldrinks  Hylotl Vending Machine
hylotldirectiveCodex  A Hylotl directive
hylotlcounter  Hylotl Counter
hylotlconsole  High-Tech Console
hylotlclassicwardrobe1  Traditional Wardrobe
hylotlclassictable2  Small Traditional Table
hylotlclassicgong  Traditional Gong
hylotlclassicchair  Traditional Fancy Chair
hylotlclassiccabinet1  Traditional Square Cabinet
hylotlclassicbookcase  Traditional Bookcase
hylotlcityposter  Hylotl City Poster
hylotlchair  Blue Chair
hylotlcashregister  Cash Register
hylotlcaptainschair  Captain’s Chair
hylotlcalligraphy5  Hylotl ‘Pond’ Calligraphy
hylotlcalligraphy4  Hylotl ‘Leap’ Calligraphy
hylotlcalligraphy3  Hylotl ‘Lily’ Calligraphy
hylotlcalligraphy2  Hylotl ‘Croak’ Calligraphy
hylotlcalligraphy1  Hylotl ‘Ribbit’ Calligraphy
hylotlbowl  Traditional Bowl
hylotlbed2  Comfy Traditional Bed
hunttrial05Codex  Trial of Saplings
hunttrial04Codex  Trial of Saplings
hunttrial03Codex  Trial of Saplings
hunttrial02Codex  Trial of Saplings
hunttrial01Codex  Trial of Saplings
huntslateCodex  Slate drawing
huntnote04Codex  Scrawled Note
huntnote03Codex  Scrawled Note
huntnote02Codex  Scrawled Note
huntnote01Codex  Scrawled Note
huntingweaponrack2  Weapon Rack
huntingweaponrack1  Weapon Rack
huntingtrophy3  Hunting trophy
huntingtrophy2  Hunting trophy
huntingtrophy1  Hunting trophy
huntingstatue  Floran Statue
huntingrail2  Railing
huntingrail1  Railing
huntingpunjisticks2  Wooden spikes.
huntingpunjisticks1  Wooden spikes.
huntingplatformrocks  Rocks
huntingplatformleaves  Leaves
huntingplatform2  Raised Platform
huntingplatform1  Raised Platform
huntingpike3  Skull on a Spike
huntingpike2  Skull on a Spike
huntingpike1  Skull on a Spike
huntinglight3  Vine lights
huntinglight2  Vine lights
huntinglight1  Vine lights
huntingknife  Hunting Knife
huntinggroundtorch  A torch.
huntingdoor1  Bamboo Door
huntingdisplay2  Empty Plaque
huntingdisplay1  Spear on a Plaque
huntingbigstatue  Floran Statue
huntingbench  Hunting Bench
huntart05Codex  Art of Stabbing
huntart04Codex  Art of Stabbing
huntart03Codex  Art of Stabbing
huntart02Codex  Art of Stabbing
huntart01Codex  Art of Stabbing
humantier9spear  The Menacer
humantier9shortsword  Moonchipper
humantier9pants  Trailblazer’s Greaves
humantier9head  Trailblazer’s Helm
humantier9hammer  Lifecrusher
humantier9dagger  The Unsubtle Knife
humantier9chest  Trailblazer’s Chestpiece
humantier9broadsword  Moonkiller
humantier9axe  The Wiggler
humantier8spear  Headspiker
humantier8shortsword  Sapsplitter
humantier8pants  Adventurer’s Pants
humantier8head  Adventurer’s Helm
humantier8hammer  Pumphammer
humantier8dagger  Kneesplitter
humantier8chest  Adventurer’s Chestguard
humantier8broadsword  Treesplitter
humantier8axe  All-Purpose Axe
humantier7spear  Backstabber
humantier7shortsword  Paddlemaster 1000
humantier7pants  Wanderer’s Pants
humantier7head  Wanderer’s Helm
humantier7hammer  Hobbyhammer
humantier7dagger  Small Fury
humantier7chest  Wanderer’s Chestguard
humantier7broadsword  Paddlemaster 5000
humantier7axe  Opposing Force
humantier6spear  Cattlekiller
humantier6shortsword  Mini-Paddle
humantier6pants  Seeker’s Pants
humantier6head  Seeker’s Braincage
humantier6hammer  Timesmasher
humantier6dagger  Zweifinger
humantier6chest  Seeker’s Chestguard
humantier6broadsword  The Paddle
humantier6axe  Charitable Axe
humantier5spear  Cattleprodder
humantier5shortsword  The Pitch Fork
humantier5pants  Vanguard’s Pants
humantier5head  Vanguard’s Helm
humantier5hammer  Double Hammertime
humantier5dagger  Greengrip
humantier5chest  Vanguard’s Flak Jacket
humantier5broadsword  The Tuning Fork
humantier5axe  Climbing Axe
humantier4spear  The Rhino
humantier4shortsword  The Compensator
humantier4pants  Outrider’s Pants
humantier4head  Outrider’s Helm
humantier4hammer  Hammertime
humantier4dagger  Switchblade
humantier4chest  Outrider’s Chestpiece
humantier4broadsword  The Overcompensator
humantier4axe  Class Axe
humantier3spear  Prong Tomorrow
humantier3shortsword  Awesome Shortsword
humantier3pants  Pioneer’s Pants
humantier3head  Pioneer’s Helm
humantier3hammer  Strengthtester
humantier3dagger  Swanky Shanker
humantier3chest  Pioneer’s Chestguard
humantier3broadsword  Awesome Broadsword
humantier3axe  Vibro-axe
humantier2spear  Spear Today
humantier2shortsword  Cool Shortsword
humantier2pants  Scout’s Pants
humantier2head  Scout’s Helm
humantier2hammer  Claw Hammer
humantier2dagger  Fancy Shanker
humantier2chest  Scout’s Chestguard
humantier2broadsword  Cool Broadsword
humantier2axe  Ice Axe
humantier1spear  Basic Spear
humantier1shortsword  Regular Shortsword
humantier1pants  Scavenger’s Greaves
humantier1head  Scavenger’s Helm
humantier1hammer  Sledgehammer
humantier1dagger  Shanker
humantier1chest  Scavenger’s Breastplate
humantier1broadsword  Regular Broadsword
humantier1axe  Iron Axe
humantier10spear  Alienbane
humantier10shortsword  Annoyance of the Gods
humantier10pants  Universalist’s Techpants
humantier10head  Universalist’s Helm
humantier10hammer  Timmy
humantier10dagger  King’s Ruin
humantier10chest  Universalist’s Techjacket
humantier10broadsword  Bane of the Gods
humantier10axe  iAxe
humanstarter  Broken Hero Sword
humanprologueCodex  Human Prologue
humanoriginsCodex  Human Origins
humanMechTech  Human Mech
humanescapeCodex  Human Escape
humancar  Human Car
humanbunkerrobotfactory  Robot Factory
hoverTech  Gravity Neutraliser
hourglass  Hourglass
hotbone  Hot Bone
homewalls1  Painted Brick
hoetool  Hoe
hockeytable  Air Hockey Table
hive  Hivestone
hierarchycoraleCodex  Glitch Hierarchy
hellstonematerial  Block of Flesh
hellnoteCodex  Scrawled Note
helllogCodex  Guard Log
helljournal08Codex  Greenguard’s Journal
helljournal07Codex  Greenguard’s Journal
helljournal06Codex  Greenguard’s Journal
helljournal05Codex  Greenguard’s Journal
helljournal04Codex  Greenguard’s Journal
helljournal03Codex  Greenguard’s Journal
helljournal02Codex  Greenguard’s Journal
helljournal01Codex  Greenguard’s Journal
helldrysap02Codex  Drysap
helldrysap01Codex  Drysap
hellbiologyCodex  Floran Biology
healthbomb  Burst of Energy
hazmatdemolegs  Hazmat Pants
hazmatdemohead  Hazmat Mask
hazmatdemochest  Hazmat Shirt
hazmatdemoback  Hazmat Airtank
hazardtapev  Vertical Hazard Tape
hazardtapeh  Horizontal Hazard Tape
haystack  Hay Stack
hayroll  Hay Roll
haypile  Hay Pile
harp  Harp
harmonica  Harmonica
hamsandwich  Ham Sandwich
guillotine  Guillotine
groundeddoctrineCodex  Grounded Doctrine
greenstim  Green Stim Pack
greenneonsymbol  Green Neon Symbol
greengroundspike4  Sharp spikes.
greengroundspike3  Sharp spikes.
greengroundspike2  Sharp spikes.
greengroundspike1  Sharp spikes.
greenflask  Green Flask
greenflashlight  Flashlight
greenceilingspike4  Sharp spikes.
greenceilingspike3  Sharp spikes.
greenceilingspike2  Sharp spikes.
greenceilingspike1  Sharp spikes.
greenapple  Green Apple
gravelmaterial  Gravel
grapesseed  Grape Seed
grapes  Grapes
grapejuice  Grape Juice
grandfatherclock  Grandfather Clock
goldsword  GoldSword
goldpickaxe  Gold Pickaxe
goldore  Gold Ore
goldenurn  Golden Urn
goldenjar1  Golden Bird Jar
goldenducky  Golden Ducky
golddrill  Gold Drill
goldcoin  Pixels
goldblock  Gold Block
goldbar  Gold Bar
glowbomb  The Night Light
glitchtier9spear  Splitter
glitchtier9shortsword  Startup
glitchtier9pants  Legionnaire’s Greaves
glitchtier9head  Legionnaire’s Helm
glitchtier9hammer  Chromedome
glitchtier9dagger  Operating System
glitchtier9chest  Legionnaire’s Breastplate
glitchtier9broadsword  Bios
glitchtier9axe  Domecutter
glitchtier8spear  The Blocker
glitchtier8shortsword  Scriptkiddie
glitchtier8pants  Templar’s Greaves
glitchtier8head  Templar’s Helm
glitchtier8hammer  Bruteforce Prime
glitchtier8dagger  KitKut
glitchtier8chest  Templar’s Breastplate
glitchtier8broadsword  Hacker
glitchtier8axe  Perpetuum
glitchtier7spear  Spike This
glitchtier7shortsword  Datablip
glitchtier7pants  Paladin’s Greaves
glitchtier7head  Paladin’s Helm
glitchtier7hammer  Bruteforce Lite
glitchtier7dagger  Spinux
glitchtier7chest  Paladin’s Breastplate
glitchtier7broadsword  Dataspike
glitchtier7axe  War Axe
glitchtier6spear  Followback
glitchtier6shortsword  Malware
glitchtier6pants  Crusader’s Greaves
glitchtier6head  Crusader’s Helm
glitchtier6hammer  Internal Explorer
glitchtier6dagger  Force Restart
glitchtier6chest  Crusader’s Breastplate
glitchtier6broadsword  Trojan
glitchtier6axe  Battle Axe
glitchtier5spear  Privacy Settings
glitchtier5shortsword  Protector
glitchtier5pants  Lancer’s Greaves
glitchtier5head  Lancer’s Helm
glitchtier5hammer  Microchip
glitchtier5dagger  Prunix
glitchtier5chest  Lancer’s Breastplate
glitchtier5broadsword  Defender
glitchtier5axe  Cogsmasher
glitchtier4spear  Friend Request
glitchtier4shortsword  Antispyware
glitchtier4pants  Dark Knight’s Greaves
glitchtier4head  Dark Knight’s Helm
glitchtier4hammer  Flash Upswing
glitchtier4dagger  dieOS
glitchtier4chest  Dark Knight’s Breastplate
glitchtier4broadsword  Antivirus
glitchtier4axe  Screwslicer
glitchtier3spear  Poke
glitchtier3shortsword  Premium 1.0
glitchtier3pants  Knight’s Greaves
glitchtier3head  Knight’s Helm
glitchtier3hammer  Safareach
glitchtier3dagger  Dagger Premium
glitchtier3chest  Knight’s Breastplate
glitchtier3broadsword  Premium 2.0
glitchtier3axe  Smitanium
glitchtier2spear  Nudge
glitchtier2shortsword  Upgrade 1.0
glitchtier2pants  Soldier’s Pants
glitchtier2head  Soldier’s Helm
glitchtier2hammer  Steelforger
glitchtier2dagger  Dagger Pro
glitchtier2chest  Soldier’s Breastplate
glitchtier2broadsword  Upgrade 2.0
glitchtier2axe  Steelsplitter
glitchtier1spear  Ping
glitchtier1shortsword  Default 1.0
glitchtier1hammer  Crunch
glitchtier1dagger  Dagger Home
glitchtier1broadsword  Default 2.0
glitchtier1axe  Ratchet
glitchtier10spear  Social Wetwork
glitchtier10shortsword  Rootkit Lite
glitchtier10pants  Doom Lord’s Greaves
glitchtier10head  Doom Lord’s Helm
glitchtier10hammer  iDoom
glitchtier10dagger  Windowcutter
glitchtier10chest  Doom Lord’s Breastplate
glitchtier10broadsword  Rootkit
glitchtier10axe  Sentinel
glitchstarter  Broken Runewrath Sword
glitchspeare  Glitchspeare Portrait
glitchshiplocker  Shiplocker
glitchroyalhead  Crown
glitchprologueCodex  Glitch Prologue
GlitchoriginsCodex  Glitch Origins
glitchnotesCodex  Glitch Future
glitchianman  Glitchian Man
glitchfuelhatch  Fuel Hatch
glitchdungeonpod  Dispensing Pod
glitchcaptainschair  Captain’s Chair
glasspanel  Glass Panel
glassmaterial  Glass Block
girdirmaterial  Girder
giantglobe  Globe Statue
giantflowertable  Giant Flower Table
giantflowerpetal  Giant Flower Petal
giantflowerlamp  Giant Flower Lamp
giantflowerdoor  Giant Flower Door
giantflowerchest  Giant Flower Chest
giantflowerchair  Giant Flower Chair
giantflowerbed  Giant Flower Bed
giantflower4  Giant Flower
giantflower3  Giant Flower
giantflower2  Giant Flower
giantflower1  Giant Flower
georgelegs  George’s Sexy Pants
georgehead  George’s Foxy Glasses
georgechest  George’s Chest Swag
geometrictable  Geometric Table
geometricscreen  Geometric Screen
geometricchest  Geometric Chest
geometricchair  Geometric Chair
geometricbed  Geometric Bed
genericpainting1  Painting
gasgrenade  Gas Grenade
gardensalad  Garden Salad
garagetools  Craftsman Tools
futurelight  Cheap Light
fullwood2  Unrefined Wood
fullwood1  Unrefined Wood
fullmetaldemolegs  Fullmetal Pants
fullmetaldemohead  Fullmetal Helmet
fullmetaldemochest  Fullmetal Chest
fullmetaldemoback  Fullmetal Battery
fuelhatch  Fuel Hatch
fryingpan  FryingPan
fruitsalad  Fruit Salad
frogstatue  Frog Statue
frogmerchant  Wooden Crafting Table
fridge  Fridge
fountain2  Stone Fountain
fountain1  Stone Fountain
football  Football
flute  Flute
fluorescentlight  Fluorescent Light.
floweryellow  Yellow Flower
flowerred  Red Flower
flowerblue  Blue Flower
florvilwordsCodex  Charcoal Words
florviltreetopCodex  Treetop Dwellings
florvilteachingCodex  On Teaching
florvilreviewCodex  A Review
florvilrantCodex  Angry Rant
florvilprintCodex  Printed Page
florvilpeaceCodex  Floran Peace
florviljournal02Codex  Irondome’s Journal
florviljournal01Codex  Irondome’s Journal
florvilguestsCodex  Receiving Guests
florvildrawingCodex  Charcoal Drawing
florvilbookCodex  Exercise Book
florvilbanCodex  Writing Ban
florvilarchitectCodex  Floran Architecture
florantoilet  Primitive Toilet
florantier9spear  Treeshredder
florantier9shortsword  Leafslasher
florantier9pants  Shaman’s Skirt
florantier9head  Shaman’s Mask
florantier9hammer  Riftwood
florantier9dagger  Razorleaf
florantier9chest  Shaman’s Chestguard
florantier9broadsword  Big Leafslasher
florantier9axe  Bonechopper
florantier8spear  Stabberry
florantier8shortsword  Berryskewer
florantier8pants  Sentinel’s Shorts
florantier8head  Sentinel’s Helm
florantier8hammer  Rootrocker
florantier8dagger  Berrypicker
florantier8chest  Sentinel’s Breastplate
florantier8broadsword  Big Berryskewer
florantier8axe  Vine
florantier7spear  StabStabStab
florantier7shortsword  Rosebud
florantier7pants  Gatherer’s Skirt
florantier7head  Gatherer’s Helm
florantier7hammer  Curlycrush
florantier7dagger  Little Thorn
florantier7chest  Gatherer’s Chestpiece
florantier7broadsword  Rosebud Prime
florantier7axe  Chopflower
florantier6spear  Facestabber
florantier6shortsword  Gougeslicer
florantier6pants  Wiseman’s Loincloth
florantier6head  Wiseman’s Thinking Hat
florantier6hammer  Smashy Tree
florantier6dagger  Planttrimmer Prime
florantier6chest  Wiseman’s Chestguard
florantier6broadsword  Big Gougeslicer
florantier6axe  Chopberry
florantier5spear  Backstabber
florantier5shortsword  Bindslicer
florantier5pants  Cannibal’s Pants
florantier5head  Cannibal’s Mask
florantier5hammer  Rootripper
florantier5dagger  Planttrimmer
florantier5chest  Cannibal’s Chestguard
florantier5broadsword  Big Bindslicer
florantier5axe  Treechopper
florantier4spear  Stabber
florantier4shortsword  Nastyslice
florantier4pants  Hunter’s Skirt
florantier4head  Hunter’s Hood
florantier4hammer  Trunkthunk
florantier4dagger  Fingercutter
florantier4chest  Hunter’s Chestguard
florantier4broadsword  Big Nastyslice
florantier4axe  Chop Stick
florantier3spear  Strippoker
florantier3shortsword  Slicestabcut
florantier3pants  Nomad’s Pants
florantier3head  Nomad’s Crown
florantier3hammer  Cracker
florantier3dagger  Sharpstick
florantier3chest  Nomad’s Chestguard
florantier3broadsword   Big Slicestabcut
florantier3axe  Choppy Leaves
florantier2spear  Pokerface
florantier2shortsword  Slicestabber
florantier2pants  Bonesmith’s Loincloth
florantier2head  Bonesmith’s Skullhat
florantier2hammer  Thwacker
florantier2dagger  Hookslicer
florantier2chest  Bonesmith’s Chestguard
florantier2broadsword  Big Slicestabber
florantier2axe  Better Choppy Thing
florantier1spear  Poker
florantier1shortsword  Slicer
florantier1pants  Sprout’s Anklets
florantier1head  Sprout’s Circlet
florantier1hammer  Smacker
florantier1dagger  Curvy Slice
florantier1chest  Sprout’s Chestguard
florantier1broadsword  Big Slicer
florantier1axe  Choppy Thing
florantier10spear  Huntmaster
florantier10shortsword  The Cuttening
florantier10pants  Synthesizer’s Pants
florantier10head  Synthesizer’s Helm
florantier10hammer  Smash Everything
florantier10dagger  Slashmaster
florantier10chest  Synthesizer’s Chestguard
florantier10broadsword  The Slashening
florantier10axe  Choppatron 3000
florantanningrack  Primitive Tanning Rack
florantable2  Primitive Countertop
florantable1  Primitive Table
floransurvivalistlegs  Floran Survivalist Legs
floransurvivalistchest  Floran Survivalist Chest
floranstove  Primitive Stove
floranstarter  Broken Venus Sword
floransmalltable  Small Primitive Table
floranshiplocker  Shiplocker
floranshelf  Primitive Shelf
floranscreen2  Leather Dressing Screen
floranscreen1  Wooden Dressing Screen
floranprologueCodex  Floran Prologue
floranpeltlegs  Floran Pelt Legs
floranpeltchest  Floran Pelt Chest
floranpelt5  Full Striped Pelt
floranpelt4  Large Striped Pelt
floranpelt3  Long Black Fur Pelt
floranpelt2  Black Fur Pelt
floranpelt1  Brown Fur Pelt
floranpainting5  Primitive Abstract Painting
floranpainting4  Primitive Leaf Painting
floranpainting3  Primitive Memo
floranpainting2  Primitive Hieroglyph Painting
floranpainting1  Primitive Smoke Painting
floranoriginsCodex  Floran Origins
florannotesCodex  Floran’s Ambition
floranlight  Floran Light
floranleaflegs  Floran Leaf Legs
floranleafchest  Floran Leaf Chest
floranlamp1  Floran Lamp Pod
floranhunterlegs  Floran Hunter Legs
floranhunterchest  Floran Hunter Chest
floranfurnivourlegs  Floran Furnivour Legs
floranfurnivourchest  Floran Furnivour Chest
floranfuelhatch  Fuel Hatch
florandungeonpod  Dispensing Pod
florandrum4  Small Leather Bongo
florandrum3  Tall Leather Bongo
florandrum2  Large Leather Bongo
florandrum1  Leather Bongo
florandoor  Primitive Door
florandesk  Primitive Desk
florancurtain  Primitive Curtain
florancrate  Primitive Crate
florancouch  Primitive Couch
florancorner  Leather Support
floranchandelier  Primitive Chandelier
floranchair  Primitive Chair
floranceilingbones2  Bone Chimes
floranceilingbones  Bone Chimes
florancaptainschair  Captain’s Chair
florancabinet3  Huge Primitive Cabinet
florancabinet2  Small Primitive Cabinet
florancabinet1  Large Primitive Cabinet
floranbookcase  Primitive Bookcase
floranbonetable2  Small Bone Table
floranbonetable1  Large Bone Table
floranbonestool  Bone Stool
floranbonerack  Bone Rack
floranbonedisplay2  Bone Carving
floranbonedisplay1  Huge Bone Display
floranbench  Primitive Bench
floranbed  Bone Bed
floranarmchair  Bone Armchair
floodlights  Floodlights
flightlessmandateCodex  Flightless Mandate
flickeringfluorescentlight  Flickering Light.
fleshtable  Flesh Table
fleshstrand  Flesh Strand
fleshdoor  Flesh Door
fleshchest  Flesh Chest
fleshchair  Flesh Chair
fleshbush6  Flesh Bush
fleshbush5  Flesh Bush
fleshbush4  Flesh Bush
fleshbush3  Flesh Bush
fleshbush2  Flesh Bush
fleshbush1  Flesh Bush
fleshblock  Flesh Block
flashlight  Flashlight
flare  Flare
fishsomething  Fishy
fishnchips  Fish n Chips
fishinabone  Fish in a Bone
fishfingers  Fish Fingers
fishaxe  Fishaxe
fireplacetools  Fireplace Tools
fireflybush  Firefly Bush
fireflowerpot  Fireflower.
fillerup  Fill ‘Er Up
filledcapturepod  Filled Capture Pod
Feroziumbar  Ferozium Bar
fence  Wooden Fence
femmicrophone  Microphone (Female)
featherybird  Decorative Bird
feathers2  Decorative Feathers
feathers1  Decorative Feathers
feathercrownseed  Feathercrown Seed
feathercrown  Feathercrown
farmtools  Farm Tools
fadedblocks  Soft Brick
faceleech  Benevolent Face Leech
fabric  Fabric
eyetable  Eye Table
eyedoor  Eye Door
eyechest  Eye Chest
eyechair  Eye Chair
eyebowls  eyebowls
eyebed  Eye Bed
explorerlegs  Explorer’s Leg Armour
explorerchest  Explorer’s Chestpiece
excommunicationCodex  Excommunication Notes
eventlight  Small Spotlight
energyjavelin  Energy Javelin
endomorphicjelly  Endomorphic Jelly
electrogrenade  Electro Grenade
electricsign  Electricity Warning Sign
electriclight  Electric Light
electricdoor  Electrical Barrier
electricbass  Electric Bass Guitar
eggshootseed  Eggshoot Seed
eggshootsalad  Eggshoot Salad
eggshoot  Eggshoot
eggfriedrice  Eggshoot Fried Rice
eggchair  Egg Chair
egg  Egg
durasteelbar  Durasteel Bar
dungeonpod  Dispensing Pod
dulcimer  Hammered Dulcimer
drysand  Dry Sand
drydirt  Dry Dirt
drumkit  Drum Kit
dragonbone  Dragon Bone
doublejumpTech  Pulse Jump
doping  Doping Kit
dnaplant4  DNA Plant
dnaplant3  DNA Plant
dnaplant2  DNA Plant
dnaplant1  DNA Plant
dlatch  todo
dirturchinseed  Dirturchin Seed
dirturchin  Dirturchin
dirtmaterial  Dirt Block
dirtea  Dirtea
direstone  Dire Stone
diodiaseed  Diodia Seed
diodia  Diodia
diamondpickaxe  Diamond Pickaxe
diamondore  Diamond Ore
diamonddrill  Diamond Drill
diamond  Diamond
desertgroundspike4  Sharp spikes.
desertgroundspike3  Sharp spikes.
desertgroundspike2  Sharp spikes.
desertgroundspike1  Sharp spikes.
desertceilingspike4  Sharp spikes.
desertceilingspike3  Sharp spikes.
desertceilingspike2  Sharp spikes.
desertceilingspike1  Sharp spikes.
decoyprincess  Decoy Princess
decorativewallrug2  Small Avian Tapestry
decorativewallrug1  Avian Tapestry
deckardnoteCodex  Handwritten note
deathstick  Death Stick
dashTech  Energy Dash
darkwoodmaterial  Wood Planks
darksmoothstonematerial  Dark Smooth SDone.
dangersignv  Vertical Danger Sign
dangersignh  Horizontal Danger Sign
cyanider  Cyanider
curtain1  Curtain
curriedbeakseed  Curried Beakseed
currentcornseed  Currentcorn Seed
currentcorn  Currentcorn
cultistaltar  Cultist Altar
crystaltorch  Crystal Torch
crystaltable  Crystal Table
crystalplantseed  Crystal Plant Seed
crystalplant  crystalplant
crystallinebush4  Crystalline Bush
crystallinebush3  Crystalline Bush
crystallinebush2  Crystalline Bush
crystallinebush1  Crystalline Bush
crystallamp  Crystal Lamp
crystalchest  Crystal Chest
crystalchair  Crystal Chair
crystalcavebush4  Crystalline Bush
crystalcavebush3  Crystalline Bush
crystalcavebush2  Crystalline Bush
crystalcavebush1  Crystalline Bush
crystalblock  Crystal Block
crystalbed  Crystal Bed
crystal  Crystal
crowncake  Pineapple Upside-Crown Cake
crossroadssign  Crossroads Sign
crosshatch  Window Lattice
corruptdirtmaterial  Corrupt Dirt Block
corobockle  Corobockle
corntent  Corntent
cornseed  Corn Seed
cornpeckers  Corn Peckers
cornontheblob  Corn on the Blob
corncob  Corn Cob
corn  Corn
coralcreepseed  Coralcreep Seed
coralcreepcurry  Coralcreep Curry
coralcreep  Coralcreep
copperplatform  Copper Platform
copperpickaxe  Copper Pickaxe
copperore  Copper Ore
copperladder  Copper Ladder
copperkeypie  Copper Key Pie
copperdrill  Copper Drill
copperbar  Copper Bar
coollegs  Cool Pants
coolchest  Cool Jacket
cookedtentacle  Cooked Tentacle
cookedribmeat  Cooked Rib Meat
cookedpoultry  Cooked Poultry
cookedham  Cooked Ham
cookedfleshlump  Cooked Flesh Lump
cookedbacon  Cooked Bacon
cookedalienmeat  Cooked Alien Meat
controlsCodex  Controls
consoletribalwall  Avian Security Panel
consoletribal4  Large Avian Console
consoletribal3  Avian Flame Console
consoletribal2  Avian Egg Console
consoletribal1  Avian Bird Console
concretematerial  Concrete Block
conceptlegs  Casual Pants
conceptchest  Casual Shirt
composite01material  Titanium Panel
combatsword  CombatSword
colourfulbush5  Colourful Bush
colourfulbush4  Colourful Bush
colourfulbush3  Colourful Bush
colourfulbush2  Colourful Bush
colourfulbush1  Colourful Bush
cobblestonematerial  Cobblestone
cobblestonebrick  Cobblestone Brick
coalore  Coal
clubspeaker  Club Speaker
clublampsmall  Club Lamp
clubdecks  Club Decks
clubceilinglights  Club Lights
clippedcouncilCodex  Clipped Council
claypot3  Wide Clay Pot
claypot2  Unusual Clay Pot
claypot1  Small Clay Pot
clay  Clay
classictable  Classic Table
classicplate  Classic Plate
classicpillarsmall  Small Pillar
classiclightart  Classic Ceiling Light
classiclight  Classic Light
classicglass  Crystal Glass
classicfountain  Water Fountain
classicdoor  Classic Door
classicdiningtable  Classic Dining Table
classicdesk  Classic Desk
classiccurtain2  Classic Drape
classiccurtain1  Classic Curtain
classiccupboard  Classic Cupboard
classicchina  Classic China Cabinet
classicchandelier  Classic Chandelier
classicchair  Classic Chair
classiccandlestick  Classic Candlestick
classicbookcase  Classic Bookcase
classicbed  Classic Bed
classicbardoor  Classic Barred Door
classicapestatue  Big
Ape Monument
clarinet  Clarinet
circuitboard  Circuit Board
cider  Apex Drink
chocolate  Chocolate
chilistew  Chili
chiliseed  Chili Seed
chili  Chili
childrenofkluexCodex  Children of Kluex
chestplant1  Small Overgrown Chest
chestmedavian2  Large Old Chest
chestmedavian1  Avian Large Chest
chestfloran2  Large Primitive Chest
chestfloran1  Small Primitive Chest
chestclassic  Classic Chest
chestavian2  Old Chest
chestavian1  Avian Chest
chessrook  Stone Rook
chessqueen  Stone Queen
chesspawn  Stone Pawn
chessknight  Stone Knight
chessking  Stone King
chessbishop  Stone Bishop
cheese  Cheese
cheapwallpaper  Tacky Wallpaper
chalktally  Tally Marks
chainsaw  Chainsaw
chain  Steel chain
Ceruliumore  Cerulium Ore
Ceruliumbar  Cerulium Bar
celltable  Cell Table
cellstructure5  Cell Structure
cellstructure4  Cell Structure
cellstructure3  Cell Structure
cellstructure2  Cell Structure
cellstructure1  Cell Structure
cellmatter  Cell Matter
cellmateria  Cell Materia
celllamp  Cell Lamp
celldoor  Cell Door
cellchest  Cell Chest
cellchair  Cell Chair
ceilingspike4  Stalactite
ceilingspike3  Stalactite
ceilingspike2  Stalactite
ceilingspike1  Stalactite
causticstag  Caustic Stag Helmet
castlewalls2  Small Stone Brick
castlewalls1  Heavy Stone Brick
castleswitch  Gem Switch
castleprefixCodex  Prefix Problem
castlemisunderstandingCodex  Slight Misunderstanding
castlemessageCodex  Message to Guards
castleking06Codex  The Would-Be King
castleking05Codex  The Would-Be King
castleking04Codex  The Would-Be King
castleking03Codex  The Would-Be King
castleking02Codex  The Would-Be King
castleking01Codex  The Would-Be King
castlehiddentrapdoor  Glitch Hidden Trapdoor
castlehiddendoor  Glitch Hidden Door
castleguestCodex  Guest in the Castle
castlefoldnoteCodex  Folded Note
castledungeondoor  Glitch Cell Door
castledoor  Glitch Castle Door
castlecuriousCodex  Curious Glitch
carrotseed  Carrot Seed
carrotjuice  Carrot Juice
carrothat  Carrot on a String
carrotcake  Carrot Cake
carrotbread  Carrot Bread
carrot  Carrot
cardboard3  Open Cardboard Box
cardboard2  Plain Cardboard Box
cardboard1  Cardboard Box
carbed  Wooden Bed
capturestation  Creature Capture Station
capturepod  Capture Pod
captainschair  Captain’s Chair
capsulesmall  Small Capsule
capsulemed  Medium Capsule
capsulebig  Large Capsule
cannedfood  Canned Food
candyautomato  Candy Automato
candyapple  Candy Apple
candy  Candy
candiedpearlpeas  Candied Pearlpeas
candiedcorn  Candied Corn
campfire  Camp Fire
cameramanboost  Camera Man Boost
cake  Cake
cactiflowerpot  Decorative Cactus
cacti  cacti
butterflybush  Butterfly Bush
butterflyboost  Butterfly Boost
butter  Butter
buster  Buster
burrito  Burrito
burningeyeballs  Burning Eyeballs
burningcoals  Burning Coals
burlapsack  Burlap Sack
burger  Burger
bunkerwires  Wires
bunkervent  Bunker Vent
bunkertv2  USCM Television Monitors
bunkertv  Small USCM Monitor
bunkertable3  Large Metal Table
bunkertable2  Solid Metal Table
bunkertable1  Metal Table
bunkerslidingdoor  Modern Sliding Door
bunkerserver  Server Cabinet
bunkerposter2  Calming Poster
bunkerposter1  Motivational Poster
bunkerpolicyCodex  New Policy
bunkerpanel3  USCM Recruitment Panel
bunkerpanel2  Medical Data Panel
bunkerpanel1  Environmental Data Panel
bunkerordersCodex  Standing Orders
bunkermotiondetector  todo
bunkerlog06Codex  Personnel Log
bunkerlog05Codex  Personnel Log
bunkerlog04Codex  Personnel Log
bunkerlog03Codex  Personnel Log
bunkerlog02Codex  Personnel Log
bunkerlog01Codex  Personnel Log
bunkerlightv  Tall Fluorescent Lamp
bunkerlighth  Wide Fluorescent Lamp
bunkerhumansCodex  Humans
bunkerheater1  Space Heater
bunkerhandscanner  USCM Fingerprint Scanner
bunkereyescanner  USCM Eye Scanner
bunkerdisplay4  Anomalous Display
bunkerdisplay3  Map Display
bunkerdisplay2  Statistical Display
bunkerdisplay1  Blueprint Display
bunkerdesk  Metal Office Desk
bunkercrate  Metal Crate
bunkercorner  Metallic Support Beam
bunkerconsole4  Wide Console
bunkerconsole3  Small Console
bunkerconsole2  Large Console
bunkerconsole1  Standard Console
bunkercomputer  Small Computer
bunkerceilinglight2  Metal Ceiling Lamp
bunkerceilinglight1  Metal Ceiling Lamp
bunkercabinet1  Metal Cabinet
bunkerbustersCodex  Bunker Busters
bunkerbookCodex  Handbook
bunkerbookcase  Metal Bookcase
bunkerbigpanel  Large Monitor
bunkerbeastCodex  The Beast
bulb  todo
bubblegun  Bubblegun
bubbleboost  Bubble Boost
brineapple  Brineapple
brickmaterial  Bricks
bread  Bread
brains  Brains
brainextractor  Brain Extractor
brain  Superior Brain
boxmanhat  The Boxman’s Bodacity
box2  Secure Wooden Crate
box1  Wooden Crate
bow  Hunting Bow
bottledwater  Bottled Water
boosterflamehuman  Booster Flame
boosterflame  Booster Flame
bookpiles  Pile of Books
bonetable  Bone Table
bones  Floran Bone Xylophone
bonematerial  Bone Block
bonedoor  Bone Door
bonechest  Bone Chest
bonechair  Bone Chair
bonebooseed  Boneboo Seed
boneboomarrow  Boneboo Marrow
boneboo  Boneboo
bonebed  Bone Bed
bone  Bone
bomb  Bomb
boltos  Bolt O’s
boltedmilk  Bolted Milk
boltbulbseed  Boltbulb Seed
boltbulb  Boltbulb
bolt  Bolt
boiledpearlpeas  Boiled Pearlpeas
bluestim  Blue Stim Pack
blueprint  Blueprint
blueneonsymbol  Blue Neon Symbol
blueflask  Blue Flask
bluedye  Blue Dye
bloodypuss  Bloody Puss
blaststone  Blaststone Block
blackglass  Black Glass
blackcurrentcrumble  Black Current Crumble
birdthrone  Avian Throne
birdtable  Avian Table
birdjar2  Ugly Avian Jar
birdjar1  Fancy Avian Jar
birdgroundlantern  Torch Stand
birdgong2  Fancy Avian Gong
birdgong1  Avian Gong
birdgodemblem  Avian Emblem
birddoor  Golden Avian Door
birdbed  Avian Bed
birdaltar2  Avian Prayer Altar
bigredbutton  Big Red Button
bigjar1  Big Bird Jar
bearplush  Bear Plushie
beamaxe  Matter Manipulator
beakseedseed  Beakseed Seed
beakseed  Beakseed
battlestandard  Battle Standard
batteryacid  Battery Acid
batteredbanana  Battered Banana
bassguitar  Bass Guitar
basictv  Old Television
basictoilet  Old Toilet
basicmetalchair  Basic Metal Chair
basicbathdripping  Dripping Basic Bath
basicbath  Basic Bath
basic  Pelt
baseboard  Classic Baseboard
barvent  Barred Vent
barstool  Bar Stool
bars  Metal Bars
barrellarge  Large Barrel
barrel  Small Barrel
bardoor2  Portcullis
bardoor  Iron Bar Door
barbedwire  Barbed Wire
bannermedievalsmall  Small Glitch Banner
bannermedievallarge  Large Glitch Banner
banjo  Banjo
bandage  Bandage
bananasplit  Banana Split
bananaseed  Banana Seed
bananacreampie  Banana Cream Pie
bananacon  Bananacon
bananabread  Banana Bread
banana  Banana
bambooplatform  Bamboo Platform
bamboodoor  Bamboo Door
bamboo  Bamboo
ballandchain  Ball and Chain
badgooplush  Bad Goo Plushie
aztectech  Avian Tech Block
aztecmaterial  Glyph Block
aviantraditionsCodex  Avian Traditions
aviantombkeepersCodex  Avian Tombkeepers
aviantier9spear  Sunguard
aviantier9shortsword  Stargazer’s Light
aviantier9hammer  Skullgrazer
aviantier9dagger  Lil Icarus
aviantier9broadsword  Stargazer’s Might
aviantier9axe  Wingbone
aviantier8spear  Duckbilled Splatypus
aviantier8shortsword  Toucan Opener
aviantier8hammer  Master Hatcher
aviantier8dagger  Thornbill
aviantier8broadsword  Pelican Opener
aviantier8axe  The Poliwanta Cleankill
aviantier7spear  The Roaster
aviantier7shortsword  Wingclipper
aviantier7hammer  The Scrambler
aviantier7dagger  Fly By Knife
aviantier7broadsword  Wingclipper XL
aviantier7axe  Birdbrainer
aviantier6spear  Last Action Heron
aviantier6shortsword  Birdseye
aviantier6hammer  The Creamer
aviantier6dagger  The Plucker
aviantier6broadsword  Birdseye Two
aviantier6axe  The Poliwanta Cracker
aviantier5spear  Bird in the Hand
aviantier5shortsword  Wingwhacker
aviantier5hammer  Divebomb
aviantier5dagger  Wingtip
aviantier5broadsword  Wingwhacker Extreme
aviantier5axe  Hawkbill
aviantier4spear  Swallowtail
aviantier4shortsword  Eye of the Needle
aviantier4hammer  Candy Crusher
aviantier4dagger  Talon
aviantier4broadsword  Eye of the Storm
aviantier4axe  Dove of War
aviantier3spear  Migrator
aviantier3shortsword  Wingdinger
aviantier3hammer  Stone-on-a-Stick
aviantier3dagger  Hookbeak
aviantier3broadsword  Wingdinger XL
aviantier3axe  Hawkwing
aviantier2spear  The Early Bird
aviantier2shortsword  The Skewer
aviantier2hammer  Brick-on-a-Stick Prime
aviantier2dagger  The Nibbler
aviantier2broadsword  The Skewer XL
aviantier2axe  Tomahawk
aviantier1spear  The Hatchling
aviantier1shortsword  The Carver
aviantier1hammer  Brick-on-a-Stick
aviantier1dagger  The Pecker
aviantier1broadsword  The Carver XL
aviantier1axe  Tiny Tomahawk
aviantier10spear  Will of Kluex
aviantier10shortsword  Crest of Kluex
aviantier10hammer  The Drumstick
aviantier10dagger  Lil Daedalus
aviantier10broadsword  Wing of Kluex
aviantier10axe  Sunborn Fury
avianstarter  Broken Phoenix Sword
avianshiplocker  Shiplocker
avianprologueCodex  Avian Prologue
avianoriginsCodex  Avian Origins
aviannotesCodex  Resistance Plea
avianhistoryCodex  Avian History
avianfuelhatch  Fuel Hatch
aviandungeonpod  Dispensing Pod
aviancaptainschair  Captain’s Chair
avianburialsCodex  Avian Burials
avianbench2  Village Bench
avianbench1  Avian Bench
avianbanner4  Avian Banner
avianbanner3  Avian Banner
avianbanner2  Avian Banner
avianbanner1  Avian Banner
avianafterlifeCodex  Avian Afterlife
avesmingoseed  Avesmingo Seed
avesmingojuice  Avesmingo Juice
avesmingoicecream  Avesmingo Ice Cream
avesmingo  Avesmingo
automatostew  Automato Stew
automatoshake  Automato Shake
automatoseed  Automato Seed
automato  Automato
ashjar3  Familiar Jar
ashjar2  Bunny Jar
ashjar1  Bird Jar
ash  Ash Block
artificialbrain  Artificial Brain
arrowsign  Arrow Sign
arcadeyellow  Yellow Arcade Machine
arcadestarbound  Starbound Arcade Machine
arcadesign  Arcade Sign
arcadered  Red Arcade Machine
arcadepurple  Purple Arcade Machine
arcadeorange  Orange Arcade Machine
arcademachine  Arcade Machine
arcadegreen  Green Arcade Machine
arcadedance  Dance-Dance Machine
arcadeblue  Blue Arcade Machine
applepie  Apple Pie
apexwoodpanel  Wooden Panel
apexwoodenshelves  Standard Issue Shelves
apexwoodenchair  Standard Wooden Chair
apexwardrobe  Standard Issue Wardrobe
apexwallpainting2  Vertical Modern Painting
apexwallpainting1  Modern Painting
apextv  Big Ape TV
apexturret  Apex Turret
apextorturebed  Interrogation Table
apextier9spear  Lethal Injection
apextier9shortsword  Mandrill
apextier9hammer  Lamb Shank
apextier9dagger  Liberation
apextier9broadsword  Gorilldrill
apextier9axe  Miniknog Berserker
apextier8spear  Speak No Evil
apextier8shortsword  Shrieker
apextier8hammer  King of the Dingers
apextier8dagger  Miniknog’s Claw
apextier8broadsword  Howler
apextier8axe  Orangufang
apextier7spear  Hear No Evil
apextier7shortsword  Monkey Business
apextier7hammer  Big Ape’s Lament
apextier7dagger  The Comb
apextier7broadsword  Ape Antics
apextier7axe  The Grinder
apextier6spear  See No Evil
apextier6shortsword  Tiny Twintails
apextier6hammer  Toecrusher
apextier6dagger  Fruitslicer
apextier6broadsword  Twintails
apextier6axe  Crescendo
apextier5spear  The Tickler
apextier5shortsword  Baby Barbaryan
apextier5hammer  Orangubang
apextier5dagger  Toothpick
apextier5broadsword  Barbaryan Sword
apextier5axe  The Coif
apextier4spear  Tailcutter
apextier4shortsword  Beardtrimmer
apextier4hammer  Gorillakilla
apextier4dagger  Banana Splitter
apextier4broadsword  Haircutter
apextier4axe  Apestooth
apextier3spear  Fruitpicker Prime
apextier3shortsword  Apehander
apextier3hammer  The Riveter
apextier3dagger  Bananablade
apextier3broadsword  Big Apehander
apextier3axe  The Peeler
apextier2spear  Fruitpicker
apextier2shortsword  The Neckscratcher
apextier2hammer  Monkey’s Molar
apextier2dagger  Barkpeeler
apextier2broadsword  The Backscratcher
apextier2axe  Bananaxe
apextier1spear  The Prodder
apextier1shortsword  Lil Apesticker
apextier1hammer  Thunderpunch
apextier1dagger  Simisickle
apextier1broadsword  Apesticker
apextier1axe  Apax
apextier10spear  King Wrong
apextier10shortsword  Chimp’s Grin
apextier10hammer  Baboom
apextier10dagger  Ape’s Ruin
apextier10broadsword  Gorillatooth
apextier10axe  Big Axe
apexthoughtreassign  Reassignment Sign
apextablelamp  Green Lamp Pod
apextable  Standard Issue Table
apexstatue3  Great Banana Lock Statue
apexstatue2  Great Banana Statue
apexstatue1  Big Ape Bust
apexstatue  Scientist Apex Statue
apexstarter  Broken Riot Sword
apexspeaker  Big Ape Intercom
apexslidingdoor2  Black Sliding Door
apexslidingdoor1  Light Sliding Door
apexsink  Bathroom Sink
apexshipwall  Wall Panel
apexshipsupport  Support Block
apexshiplocker  Shiplocker
apexshiplight  Ship Light
apexshipdoor  Ship Door
apexshipdetails  Metal object
apexsecuritycamera  Apex Security Camera
apexrespawnpod  Apex Respawn Pod
apexrecordplayer  Standard Record Player
apexradio  Standard Issue Radio
apexprologueCodex  Apex Prologue
apexpod2  Apex Life Support Pod
apexpod  Apex Life Support Pod
apexpleaCodex  Resistance Plea
apexpiano  Standard Issue Piano
apexpainting5  Big Ape Cross-Stitch
apexpainting4  Standard Issue Painting
apexpainting3  Big Ape Record
apexpainting2  Apex Portrait
apexpainting1  Glorious Leader Painting
apexoven  Retro Oven
apexoriginsCodex  Apex Origins
apexofficerpants  Apex Officer Pants
apexofficerjacket  Apex Officer Jacket
apexofficechair  Office Chair
apexobeysign  Obey Sign
apexnavypants  Apex Navy Pants
apexnavyjacket  Apex Navy Jacket
apexnameplate  Nameplate
apexmedsign  Medical Bay Sign
apexlocker  Laboratory Locker
apexlevel1sign  Apex Level 01 Sign
apexlamp3  Standard Ceiling Lamp
apexlamp2  Standard Standing Lamp
apexlamp1  Standard Issue Lamp
apexhdtv  Big Ape HDTV
apexfuelhatch  Fuel Hatch
apexfridge  Standard Issue Fridge
apexflusign  Ape Flu Poster
apexdungeonpod  Dispensing Pod
apexdonotenter  Do Not Enter Sign
apexdesk  Standard Issue Desk
apexcurtain  Standard Issue Curtain
apexcounter2  Standard Countertop
apexcounter1  Standard Issue Cabinet
apexcouch  Standard Issue Couch
apexcooltable  Cool Table
apexcoolshelf2  Cool Chemical Shelf
apexcoolshelf1  Cool Empty Shelf
apexcoolserver  Cool Server
apexcooldoor  Apex Security Door
apexcooldesk  Cool Desk
apexcoolcupboard  Cool Cupboard
apexcoolcomputer  Cool Computer
apexcoolchair  Cool Chair
apexcoolbookcase  Cool Bookcase
apexconsolekeyboard  Console Keyboard
apexconsole1  Big Ape Terminal
apexcommanderpants  Apex Commander Pants
apexcommanderjacket  Apex Commander Jacket
apexcomfychair  Standard Comfy Chair
apexceilingtv  Big Ape Ceiling TV
apexcaptainschair  Captain’s Chair
apexbustmale  Apex Male Bust
apexbrainjar  Brain in a Jar
apexbloodbank  Bloodbank
apexbigalarm  Big Alarm
apexbed  Standard Issue Bed
apexbananasign  Banana Propaganda Poster
apexarmchair  Standard Issue Armchair
apexaquarium2  Empty Wooden Aquarium
apexaquarium1  Wooden Aquarium
apexapesign  Big Ape Poster
apegrapes  Ape Grapes
anvil  Anvil
and  todo
ancientprayerCodex  Ancient Prayer
anchor  Anchor
altarbunny  Bunny Altar
altaravian  Avian Head Altar
altar1  Stone Altar
alienmeat  Raw Alien Meat
alienburger  Alien Burger
alertlight  Alert Light
airlockdoor  Airlock Door
aegisaltore  Aegisalt Ore
aegisaltbar  Aegisalt Bar
acousticguitar  Acoustic Guitar
accordion  Accordion
3dprinter  Pixel Printer
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