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Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag (SAO MD) Reroll Guide

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Approximate time and chances to re-roll

Time needed per re-roll is about 10 minutes.

What the probability of getting rare characters

Chances to acquire 4 star characters are 4%

Chances of acquiring 3 star characters are 25%

Chances of acquiring 2 start characters are 71%

By considering these numbers one may get a feeling that chances of obtaining a rare card are high. It must be noted that you are only allowed to re-roll gacha twice. That’s the reason why most of the players encounter difficulty in acquiring the most powerful and worthy characters.

Re-rolling process

1)      Once you have made up your mind that you are going to re- roll, uninstall the app and reinstall it

2)       Express your approval to the terms and conditions mentioned there

3)      While multiple downloads are taking place, the following contents will show up on the screen.

  1. a)      Name input (that can be changed anytime during the game)
  2. b)      Battle tutorial
  3. c)       Dialogue
  4. d)      Opening movie

It is strongly advisable that you pay full attention to the tutorial as there might be certain points that may be hard to comprehend for the beginners.

You may skip the movie at the beginning, but as the download will take a lot of time, it’s better to resume the video while you wait for a brief period.

4)      Wait for the battle to start

5)      Now you will receive your login bonus. After that a tutorial called “scout” will show up.

6)      Chances are higher that you may get a 3 star character, but that’s not certain. You might get a 4 star character. It increasingly depends on your luck.

7)      You would have surely received a character through scout. Include that character as a member to your party. Afterwards, a  2-1 battle will follow

8)      It’s the time to get the rewards the mission has to offer. Once you are done with it, open the gift box. From now on, you are in the position to pay freely.

9)      You will receive some items like 31 Memory Dia, which you need in order to go for scouting.

10)   If you are not pleased with the results, re-start from step 1.

The best SAO-MD characters that can be obtained on re-rolling


Yuki (4 star)

She has got some of the best moves under her belt. Yuki has a strong status and she has got a very fatal one hand sword attack that is hard to defend. Her easy handling makes her a good choice for the beginners.

Silica (4 Star)

She possesses a very devastating attack speed and her critical rate is more than good. Additionally she has got a great recovery and buff skills for support.

Kirito (4 Star)

He is widely admired due to his close range attack. His single-target sword skill is also fatal.


Asuna (4 Star)

She is a good choice for beginners just like Yuuki. She can prove really handy during boss fights. Her only weakness is her below average battle skills.

Leafa (4 Star)

Just like Yuuki and Asuna, she is beginner-friendly. Her immaculate battle skills boost your MP by 10%.

Philia (4 Star)

Her strengths exceed her weaknesses. Her strong areas include:

1)      Agility

2)      Moderate status

3)      High critical rate

4)      easy handling

Seven (4 Star)

She can efficiently recover the HP of all team mates. Her long-distance homing attacks make her one of the best players in the game.

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