Virtua Quest – That Time When Sega Created a Virtua Fighter RPG

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Something went very wrong with this RPG! It became notorious in the community as one of the worst SEGA titles to ever be created! But at first glance, it looks just like any other JRPG. What is so horribly special about this spin-off?

To start off, the game is not all that bad. The graphics are pretty decent for the PS2 and Game Cube, and the grappling beam mechanic can be interesting to use in battle (although it works very poorly to reach platforms).

Now this leave us with everything that is awful about the game, which is all the rest of it! The game doesn’t have its own identity. It tries to be Phantasy Star Online, Matrix, and many others, but ironically, it is not much of a Virtua Fighter game. The actual combat is a very dubbed down version of the battle system from Virtua Fighter, and it feel very half-assed!

The only “Virtua Fighter” you can take from this thing is the “Virtua Souls”, which are data from old fighters from the original game, who can teach special abilities to the player. Their 3D models are way more detailed and they have must of their moves. Too bad their role is very short and their dialog is terrible!

The story is also awful! Although it makes some nods to Virtua Fighter and even Shenmue, the characters are pretty one-dimensional, and they are always contradicting themselves.The plot is filled with holes and the voice-acting doesn’t help one bit!

But the game is not only about bad stuff! For one: The atrocious dialog brought us some great memes, like Jeffry’s everlasting battle against his ultimate nemesis: The Satan Shark! If you want to have a fun time with the stupidity that is this game, and don’t even need to suffer while playing through it, now! You just need to follow Alicia Goranson’s playing through it as she suffers in your place:

Let’s…Oh God! Why?! Virtua Quest

Still, while this game is considered awful by many, we can still its one of those games that are so bad that they became engrossed in the memory of the people who heard of it.

If you are one of those who played it, care to share with us your experience?

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