Why Pokemon Go’s Alakazam Needs a Buff

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Alakazam is the evolved form of Kadabra (from Abra) and an OP (over-powered) Pokemon in the original Pokemon Games. In the original Pokemon Anime, Ash Ketchum need to detour in order to defeat the Psychic Gym’s Alakazam, which beat him once.

You can easily recognize an Alakazam with his long mustache, yellow skin, and a brown armor-like sections on his chest, arms, and knees. He also holds a silver spoon on each of his three fingered hands. This is to help amplify his psychic powers.

Trivia: Female Alakazams have shorter mustaches than her male counterparts.

Pokemon Go Alakazam: Overpowered or Underwhelming?

In Pokemon Go however, Alakazam is not that much powerful.

Did you also notice how weak Alakazam is? Well, if you are one of those lucky ones who caught a lot of Abras and evolved it to Kadabra and later on an Alakazam, you probably know that its max CP can only get to 1813.

Catching Abras and evolving it to Kadabra then to Alakazam can be quite a feat.  It is almost an impossible task. It requires you to have massive amounts of patience, endurance, and leg muscle power to locate tons of Abras and to catch it before it flees. (Abras in Pokemon Go has high Flee Rate).

On the Pokemon Go Reddit, we stumbled to people who are complaining that evolving an Abra to Alakazam is a tedious task, but the reward – the Alakazam – is not a powerful one when stacked up against other Pokemon who are relatively easier to catch and evolve.

Pokemon Go Reddit: Alakazam Needs a Buff Thread:

Remembering Alakazam

Since Alakazam has always been a part of the Pokemon games from the start, many Redditors are saddened to see the mighty Alakazam get low CP and Lousy Moves.

Editor’s Note: Indeed in the original Pokemon Games, a glitch makes it impossible for Ghost Types to deal good damage against Psychic Types. And there are so few Psychic Types in Gen 1.

The CP Conversion

Redditors also brought the issue of Alakazam’s CP or Combat Power in Pokemon Go. Redditors are saying that the speed of the Pokemon plus other stats got messed up because they all combined it into one. This makes Jolteon (a fast Pokemon) have the same speed as Vaporeon (a high HP Pokemon) thus making Vaporeon an OP match to Jolteon which is weird since Jolteon has the type advantage (plus speed if you think about it).

Pokemon Go Battles

The talk about the stats aka CP, speed, and moves this opened a new topic, the current battle system.

Loving Gengar

With his devilish grin and the way he smiles, a lot of Redditors also felt the same way towards Gengar. Just like Alakazam, he was also downplayed on the popular augmented reality game.

Final Thoughts

In Pokemon Go, Abras are really hard to come by because of its high flee and catch rate. Evolving it to Kadabra is definitely something. What more an Alakazam! The news about Gengar really saddened me though, since I’ve been catching a lot of Gastly and Hunters just to have a pretty good CP Gengar. However, upon knowing this information, I don’t know if I will just stay with Hunter and probably evolve one to add to my Pokedex.

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