Fire Emblem Heroes | Tharja Guide

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Tharja is from the world of Fire Emblem: Awakening. She has a 3★ – 5★ rarity from a Red Orb. She is a Red Tome unit and her movement speed is an Infantry.

As of this writing, Tharja is an S-Rank Red Orb Tome unit.

Tharja | Fire Emblem Heroes Guide

  • Rarity: 3★ – 5★
    • Color Type: Red
    • Weapon Type: Tome
    • Mode of Travel: On Foot (Infantry)Base Statistics (4★):
    • Base HP: 15 ~ 17
    • ATK: 19 ~ 21
    • SPD: 7 ~ 9
    • DEF: 4 ~ 6
    • RES: 3 ~ 5

    Base Statistics (
    • Base HP: 16 ~ 18
    • ATK: 20 ~ 22
    • SPD: 7 ~ 9
    • DEF: 5 ~ 7
    • RES: 4 ~ 6

    You can only summon Lucina as a 3★-5★ unit in the game. If you’re lucky to pull a 5★ Tharja or unlocked her potential to be 5★, her HP can go up to 42 and her ATK can go to 48 points.


Notable Weapons (might):

• Flux (4)
• Ruin (6)
• Rauðrblade (9)
• Rauðrblade+ (13)

Her Rauðrblade and Rauðrblade+ can make the charging of an enemy’s Special Skill longer. It adds an extra 1 turn (cooldown count +1) before they can use their Specials. This is helpful if the opponent is equipped with a devastating Special Move. You can finish them off before they finish you.


• Retribution
• Vengeance

These two specials are like Takumi’s. Retribution can give 30% and Vengeance can give 50% damage bonus from damage suffered.

Passives Skills:

• Darting Blow (1/2/3)

This skill can grant her SPD (+2/+4/+6) during combat if she starts the attack.

• Spur RES (1/2/3)

Any adjacent allies near Tharja will have RES (+2/+3/+4) while the combat is on-going.

Tharja | Final Evaluation:

ATK and SPD are two of the most important stats in the game. This is aside from HP, of course. Tharja, if combined with units like Eirika that can grant an SPD buff can make your party faster. The higher the SPD of a unit, the attacks it can deal towards an enemy. Her Rauðrblade or Rauðrblade+ is also great as it can postpone an enemy’s special move. This is great as she is preparing for her own Retribution/Vengeance.

Rauðrblade+ is unlocked on a Tharja 5★ unit and Vengeance is for 200 SP.

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