Gift Guide For Gamers

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One of the most favorite hobbies of the new generation is gaming, and most teens can’t just avoid playing video games either on their mobile phones, PCs, or Xbox. Given this love for gaming and game products, there are plenty of gaming-related things available in the market, but not all of them are reliable. Besides, it is extremely difficult for gamers to locate things of their interest. Therefore, we have made a list of different gaming related and other products, and we hope many gamers will find it useful.

The gifted chalk artist

This is a unique product that is specially designed for children to display their artistic abilities. Four beautifully crafted dolls come with a chalk that enables the children to dress the dolls and embellish them in numerous ways. So make up your dream doll and show it to your friends!

Zmodo torch pro – a useful blend of torch built in door bell

Home surveillance was never so easy! Zmordo enables to you monitor and scrutinize your abode from any distance at any time. The Zmordo app connects with the Wi-Fi and facilitates you in keeping check on your home. With the help of the microphone embedded in the door bell, you can speak and hear from your visitors even if you are away from home!

Manuka Honey UMF 5+

100% pure and natural honey, containing medicinal properties that help you cure various ailments. Its scrumptious taste and pleasant aura will want you have more of it! In addition to being carbon neutral and eco-friendly, its packaging is completely recyclable and contains no genetically modified food. So get your health booster a.s.a.p.!


The Braven-blade is a highly acclaimed blue-tooth-musical-device that is capable of rocking your soul! This device comes with dual Omni-directional passive sub woofers give you a clear crystal and soothing sound experience. The quality of the sound remains pleasant-to-ear even at the max-volume. Ancillary features include a built-in speaker phone, 22 hours play time and a power bank.

Kisses for you

Want to have a sensational experience while kissing your some-one-special?  This delicate, sleek box contains assorted cards, each with a name and fun facts about a particular type of kiss like a hand kiss, single lip kiss and even a dip kiss. Just open this box to revitalize your kissing sense!

Essential soapstone oil diffuser

The exquisite essential soapstone oil diffuser with simple tea light candle burns the oil and spreads wonderful fragrance in the air! Soapstone oil diffuser comes in different shapes and styles and can also be used as a decorative, occupying ritual space. So why don’t you have one for a heavenly experience!

Doll house lashes

Having beautiful doll-like eye lashes remains the dream of many girls! A woman knows what remarkable eye lashes can do to her face! The doll house lashes are so fascinating that you don’t have to use any eye-shadow or mascara with them. So if you want your eyes to look attractive, you got to try this!

Shuffle plays green t-shirt

This printed green color t-shirt can be a wonderful addition to your wardrobe! This shuffle play t-shirt has different portable music devices printed on it. The t-shirt is composed of 60% ring-spun cotton and 40% polyester.  It is of supreme quality and can be used for casual clothing.

Stitched leather bracelet

This delicate, leather-made bracelet is primarily designed to create awareness about the lung diseases. The bracelet conveys a simple message that every patient suffering from lung cancer deserves a cure. It is simple, yet beautiful and can be also used as a piece of jewelry.


Listening to music is real fun with DNA-Pro-Over-Headphones! With a stylish design and a good balance, they have high-quality speakers that produce “extra bass” and crystal- clear quality. Now, you don’t have to compromise on lower bass due to high volume. So rekindle your fantasies with DNA-Pro-Over-Headphones on!

The golden bear

The green golden bear belt is designed to enhance your comfort level. With this belt on, you can play sports like golf with perfect ease! The belt has golf equipment inscribed on it with green background and pure dark brown leather. This fabulous belt is so durable that it will stay with you forever like a best friend. Treat it with care!


Most of the people would not be familiar with this product. It allows you to engrave any name and date with beautiful calligraphy techniques! The calligraphy-monogram-personalized cutting board is usually 3/4 inches thick. One part can be used as a cutting board while the other one can be used as an exquisite decorative. It can also be used as a delicate birthday present!


Dari is actually a traditional, rural invention that has excessive usage in Pakistan. Made with thick rigid cotton, Dari is not just confined to rural areas but has also started showing up in the urban areas of Pakistan. It is being used as a floor mat, a prayer mat and as a decorative piece! It can also be modified to an appropriate size to be spread on dining table.

Face on fridge card

Greeting cards can be used as an incredible source to get your message across to your beloved! This virtually folded card can be used to insert your photo, that can be paced anywhere in your home. The face on fridge card contains envelopes too!


Everything that you wear and carry along with yourself reflects your personality. Laptops have become indispensable for your office work but carrying them comfortably always has been a matter of concern. This bag is made up of top quality leather that is water proof and easy to carry. Once you have it, it will remain there with you forever!

Pulse band

For all the health freaks who want to look athletic and keep their belly in a good trim, this pulse band is just the right thing for you! It will help you in the pursuit of fitness goals by calculating distance traveled, calories burned and distance travelled in a day! Now your health kit on your wrist!

NYC Metro Cuffs

These metro cuffs are available in four different colors: matte black, matte cyan, shiny embossed, and gold. This bracelet is made specifically for your convenience so that you can explore the streets of Manhattan with ease. These cuffs have multiple functions: you can use them as fashion, you can use them for a functional role or simply you can buy them as a souvenir. But, the best function these bracelets serve is that of a map. Since it is always difficult to carry a map printed on the page, you can just wear this bracelet on your wrist and enjoy the map. The diameter of the cuffs is adjustable. You can get one cuff for $45.00.

Luxe Line Sophie Robe

This robe is made of 100% silk and is extremely luxurious. The length of this robe is little shorter and it reaches little above knees. Each of these robes is made from highest-quality material and with extraordinary workmanship. It doesn’t matter whether you are tall or short because the robe is available in different sizes ranging from extra small to extra-large. It has both interior silk tie as well as outer silk tie so that it will keep attached to your body. For cleaning, it is highly recommended that you dry-clean the robe.

The Cibo Placemat

This cibo placement is BPA and Phthalate free and it doesn’t contain any harmful dyes. It is extremely easy to clean this placement and you can simply clean it by washing or rinsing with a wet cloth. If it is extra-dirty, you can also wash it with a dishwasher because it is dishwasher safe. Because of its normal size, it is very easy to carry and you can attach it to any table. It is available for $19.99.

Hood to Go – Black

This hood is perfect for extreme weather conditions: it will protect you from the rain as well as from the blazing heat of the sun. It is available only in black color. This hood is made of microfiber and is 100% water resistant. Because of its light weight and moderate size, it is very easy to carry in travel bags. You can wear it with the overcoat of any color, it will look stunning. You can get it for $25.00.

Doubloon Pendant

It is an excellent pendant available in two varieties: Sterling silver and 14k gold. This is an adorable pendant which you can wear with a chain. Chains are sold separately. It is available only for $50.00.

GIORGIA Fishnet Thigh Highs (Ebony Black)

If you want to be little exposed with classic fishnet thigh highs, then this product is perfect for you. The fabric is extremely soft and resilient and you will love it. You can get it for $19.95.

Cupright – Cinnamon Mix

It is an outstanding product to hold your cup and prevent spills. The materials with which this cup is made are plastic and rubber. The product also has a neoprene lining to help keep drinks warm or cool longer. The height of the cupright is 4”, while its width is 5.5” to 3.5”. You can only hand-wash the cupright. It is available for $17.99.

Petite Pro Baby Memory Book

It is an outstanding memory book for your baby. It has a total of 48 pages with standard lining. The diary is not just about the baby, there are pre-baby pages as well where parents can write something of their own if they want. All the pages for baby’s birth, its announcement, baby showers, and baby walking are included in this memory book. There are family tree pages, as well as the diary contains some empty pages where you can put some memories of your own. The diary is available at discounted price for $ 32.99.


It is an outstanding water bottle carrier. If you love to carry a water bottle with you so that you remain hydrated all the time, and you are worried about the discomfort that you will have to face by carrying the water bottle all day long, then don’t worry, because Go-Caddy is here to help you. The product is available in three different colors – Black, Brown, and Red. You can get it only for $19.99.

Deer Zoo Snood

If you love your pet dog, then why not make him look pretty and different. It is a pretty deer snood with two brown antlers. The snood is made of 100% acrylic. The snood not only features antlers but also ears. Apart from giving your pet a distinguished and unique look, this snood will also keep the ears of your pet warm. You can get it only for $16.99.

Barbarian Pillager

It is a barbarian mask with a beard, mustache, and a cap. All these things are knitted by hand and are made of 100% acrylic yarn. The beard is attached to the cap with the help of two buttons: you can also separate it if you want. It is available in four different colors. You can get it for $39.99.

Birthday Blossom Silk Scarf – April, Daisy

Sometimes when you are wearing an outstanding outfit, and still you feel that there is something missing, and this birthday blossom silk scarf is that one thing. This scarf is made of 100% silk. It is available in two fabrics: silk Carmeuse, and silk chiffon. You can dry-clean the scarf whenever necessary. It is available for $74.99.

Athleisure Gray

It is an excellent aluminum made a hair-tie bracelet with the gray matte finish. The band has tight elastic so that it will fit perfectly to the skinny as well as thick hair. The hair band is not only beautiful, but it also gives your hair a static rest when you are doing some exercise. It is available for $35.00.

Vision of Light

It is an outstanding book written by a brilliant photographer Raymond J. Klein. The book will expand your horizons and will lead you to a path of success. It is available for $39.99.

Reveal Bio Placenta Anti-Aging Serum

It is an anti-aging serum that helps you to fight fine lines and wrinkles that appear with the passage of time. Because of air pollution, we feel as if our skins are losing charm day by day. Finally, a time comes when people think of us as if we are too old when in reality we are far too younger. The main function of this anti-aging serum is that it rejuvenates your skin. If you keep on using this serum continuously, you will find that all the dark spots on your skin are reduced dramatically. It is available only for $78.00.

Drama Free Zone Door Mat

When anybody comes to your house, the first thing he is going to see is your door mat. For this reason, most people choose their door mats wisely because they make the first impression. This door mat is perfect and is made of highest quality plastic that won’t crack with the passage of time.

Mystery Chocolate Box Subscription

It is always very difficult to find right gifts for particular occasions because one has to search a lot. Don’t worry; this chocolate subscription box is perfect for all occasions. Whether it is a party, a dinner, or a new year’s eve, you can give this subscription pack to your loved ones as a gift.

Skinny Me Black x Brushed Silver (pair)

These elegant bangles are made for ladies who want to look elegant. These bangles are perfect for fine-tuned arms. All the bangles are hand-painted.


This luxury sports coat is perfect for different occasions: for a walk, for a party or even for a casual wearing. It’s cooler shade of blue will help you stand out from the navy blazer crowd. It has single lining inside, so you can use it in warmer conditions as well.

Lapel Pin – Gear

These lapel pins are extraordinarily beautiful and feature gears. Different gears are of different colors and are attached on one side of the pin.

Picture Your Street

Picture Your Street photographs real street signs found throughout the United States. They have over a thousand names in their gallery from common names to not-so common. Photos are professionally framed and this double photo makes a great gift for couples.

Bow Tie

This black silk made bow tie is perfect for formal occasions. If you are joining a party, use this tie and you will distinguish yourself from the rest of the crowd. It is a self-tie bow so you will have to tie it yourself.

Crumb Cake of the Month Club

It is a cake of the month with different flavors. There are different flavors available – chocolate, lemon, blueberry, salted, pumpkin, and peppermint.

Weedgalized in Colorado

It is an outstanding book which beautifully explains how Colorado turned into the cannabis-friendly state. It tells you marijuana stocks and much more interesting things. Johnny Welsh have revealed how it was legalized in Colorado and many interesting facts about the story.

Mini Solid Perfume

It is a solid perfume and is very tiny in size so that you can carry it anywhere you go. The best thing about this solid perfume is that you won’t be able to apply it too much, the way you do with the spray perfumes. It is available in three different scents, and you can carry a particular flavor wherever you go.

Lullaby Written by Billy Joel

Kidioke takes timeless classics written by your favorite artists and brings their songs to life. The lyrics of the song are the text of the book and the illustrations act out those lyrics. There is high quality audio that plays the song in its entirety and the reader is able to following along with an LED timer in a karaoke like environment. We love this product!

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